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OCME Auriga 15 PS World Premiere

OCME Auriga 15 PS  World Premiere

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OCME introduces a new product from our range of Automatic Guided Vehicles This year, OCME celebrates 60 years of innovation within the packaging machinery industry. Today as in the past, we’re still offering traditional packaging solutions of the highest quality, whilst also developing new market leading technologies, including within the internal logistics sector.  

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September th saw the launch of our new internal logistics solution, the Auriga PS during a launch event held at our headquarters showroom, Parma. The perfect occasion for us to present this exciting new product to prospective and existing customers. The objective of this ‘open house’ was first of all to introduce the machine characteristics, but also to allow for a practical demonstration of our new product by OCME’s engineers.


Our Open House’s participants were able to see our ‘AGV’ solutions (Automatic Guided Vehicles) in practice, accompanied by a discussion of what OCME can offer in terms of ‘materials handling’. 


The session also allowed an opportunity to evaluate the benefits and the ‘added value’ that OCME AGV technology can bring to their production and logistics sites in environmental, economic and performance terms.

Francesco Ferrari (AGV sales manager), and Roland Guglielmetti (AGV Product manager) explain further:


“Our existing AGV vehicles use market leading technologies, allowing us to achieve unparalleled levels of safety and performance. The new Auriga PS offers no less. Auriga PS has a low impact plant engineering profile and is also of very low energy consumption. It’s very small, with a width similar to that of a Euro Pallet's short side, yet with its high performance capabilities it can handle loads of up to kg. It integrates with logistic and picking applications and it’s suitable for handling pallets and special loads, with safety and total traceability. You will be amazed to see it in action”