PEM® Self-clinching fasteners

PEM® Self-clinching fasteners
In countless areas of modern industry, very thin and very lightweight components such as metal plates, PC boards or plastic pieces are put to use. There is the need to permanently connect them together securely, all the while guaranteeing high values of torque-out and pullout. At the same time, manufacturers expect simple, low-cost assembly. As far back as , PEM® developed a self-clinching fastener that was able to meet these challenges. With increasing success and broad industry acceptance, the product line has been continually expanded, but even so the basic advantages have remained the same: PEM® self-clinching fasteners give
high-performance, are easy to install and save time and expense. PEM® self-clinching fasteners are placed into a mounting hole in the workpiece. There the selfclinching
fastener displaces material in the hole area. This material flows by means of cold deformation into an undercut in the region near the fastener’s shank serrations or a special head design than prevents the component from rotating – the selfclinching fastener becomes an integral part of the workpiece. In addition, PEM® self-clinching fasteners
cause no damage or bulges on the rear side of the workpiece. PEM® self-clinching fasteners are put to use in areas ranging from electronics and the automobile industry, to the construction of machines and apparatus, through to aeronautics and space – and in each case they guarantee a durable, secure anchoring.

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