Brochure UFM Classic

Discover the possibilities of our assembly presses of the series UFM Classic. They feature a large selectrion of force ranges and nomal strokes.

UFM Classic
The UFM Classic units feature
the widest range of forces,
strokes and speeds
For more efciency.
Gerhard Lechler founded the company
PROMESS in 1977 as an engineering of-
ce in the eld of technical measurement
in Berlin. Initially, the company distributed
handmade patented measuring bearings
for tool condition monitoring before the
electro-mechanical assembly press (UFM)
with integrated NC control was born at the
end of the 1980s. Right from the begin-
ning it was the strength and the passion
From process development to pre-
liminary testing, from initial installation
to daily production, PROMESS offers
holistic expertise from a single source.
Our specialist teams have comprehen-
sive knowledge of our products and
offer prompt and effective advice world-
Today PROMESS is one of the global
leaders in the manufacturing of elec-
of Gerhard Lechler to develop technical
solutions for his customers. And this has
not changed until today. This passion has
continued so that the core competence
of PROMESS is still the development of
complete technological systems for solv-
ing the individual and complex assembly
and testing tasks and requirements of our
tro-mechanical assembly presses with
the widest range of presses in this eld.
Currently, more than 15,000 presses are
operating in heavy industrial applica-
In almost 30 countries all over the world
our sales and service partners are
looking forward to your enquiries and
Your partner in the eld of assembly and testing technology
Czech Republic
Great Britain
South Africa
The electro-mechanical assembly presses of our series
UFM Classic have been conceived for demanding
applications in heavy industrial environments. They
feature a broad variety of models and thus can be used
for divers assembly, joining and testing applications
with force-distance monitoring. The user can chose
from a wide range of forces, strokes and speeds in
order to congure the corresponding servo press for
his application. Together with our series UFM Line5,
UFM Compact5, and UFM Precision5 we offer suitable
solutions for almost every application.
Overview of Press Types:
n Movement and monitoring as an integrated solution
n Digital force measuring with 24-bit resolution
n Multi range calibration for force input (optional)
n Optional with absolute transducer
n Only the power amp is required, no need for an additional external
monitoring system
n Integrated force-distance monitoring
n Fieldbusses can be optionally expanded using plug-in modules
n PLe for STO by default
n Quick changeover also for small and medium series
n Robust mechanical design for long periods of use
n Clean use
UFM Classic
Item no. Force Stroke Speed
374003G2 3 100 120
374005G2 5 200 240
374012G2 12 200 240
374014G2 15 200 240
374125G2 20 180 150
374023G2 20 350 230
374131G2 30 180 150
374130G2 30 350 230
374040G2 40 180 150
374043G2 40 330 240
374060G2 60 180 150
374065G2 60 330 240
374181G2 80 180 150
374091G2 80 330 200
374103G2 100 330 200
374111G2 100 180 110
3740151G2 150 400 145
374151G2 150 400 145
374196G2 300 450 100
37510500G2* 500 400 50
*The 500 kN assembly
presses are only available
in inline design.
The servo presses UFM Classic feature
a robust mechanics for the use in
heavy industrial environments. The
motor is connected to the roller or ball
gear drive by a high-performance gear
belt. The precise force measuring is
done be an integrated strain gauge
force transducer. PROMESS ensures
high life times by a large dimension-
System Design
Basic version
The mechanical system is controlled
by a servo amplier with an integrated
NC module. The internal Risc processor
coordinates the joining module and can
be easily programmed and operated
using a conventional PC. The control
coordinates the mechanical motion of
the press as well as monitoring the force
and distance. The visualization is real-
ized by a conventional PC. An additional
monitoring system is not necessary.
The digital pre-amplier PDM-S is dig-
itally connected to the UFM control via
the PROMESS bus. It transfers the force
signal of the strain gauge amplier at a
ing of the gear. Due to the parallel
design of the presses, low construc-
tion heights are realized. The presses
feature a repeatability of positioning
of <0,01 mm by the robust, anti-twist
ram guidance. The mounting of the
press in a production line is succeeded
by the designed ange for it.
resolution of 16 bit almost trouble-free.
A resolution of 24 bit is possible. With
the optional multi range calibration the
joining system achieves a system accu-
racy of 0.3 % from the nal value. The
characteristic map is created automat-
ically using the UFM Calibrate plugin.
The results are stored in a calibration
report and can be printed out. Addition-
ally the PDM-S can be used as program
memory with the possibility to store 200
For the connection of the higher-level
PLC one can chose different eldbusses
or EtherCAT.
Set-up of the mechanics
1. Synchronus belt gear
2. Integrated strain gauge amplier
3. Gearbox
4. AC Servo motor with resolver
or absolute encoder with
holding brake (optional)
5. Steel housing
6. Mounting ange
7. Anti-twist ram
UFM Classic
Power cable
Field bus
Position encoder (optional)
Server / Network
Standard or
- Visualization
- Database
- Program Memory
Basic version
Stage of expansion
Line conguration
Extension/Line conguration
On a further stage of expansion, addi-
tional sensors can be connected and
controlled, depending on the require-
ments of the application. PROMESS of-
fers four different multifunction ampliers
PDM with different functions:
A line conguration with several electro mechcanical assembly presses can be
realized according to the following functional design.
n PDM-S:
Amplifying of a strain gauge
amplier signal
n PDM-P: Amplifying of a
piezo amplier signal
n PDM-A: Capture and scaling
of up to 4 analogue inputs
n PDM-IO: Capture and
scaling of up to 16 digital
in- and outputs
UFM Classic
UFM Classic Standard or
- Visualization
- Database
- Program Memory
Power cable
Field bus
Force Transducer
Server / Network
Can be expanded as
PDM-IO 16 Inputs/Outputs
PDM-A 4 Analogue inputs
PDM-P Force (Piezo) + Distance
PDM-S Force (DMS) + Distance
Power amplier
Field bus
Server / Network
Standard or Industrial-PC
Power amplier
10 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 11
The servo presses UFM Classic come
with our programming software UFM
V5.xx. It serves for the creation of the
press program, for the recording and
displaying of the quality data and for
the storage of the process data. The
software is intuitive to operate and
does not require any PLC expertise.
It can be used to create simple or ad-
vanced joining processes.
The transparent and concise pro-
gram surface allows users to quickly
create programs.
The main window lists all programming
steps together with their funcitons. The
function screens can be opened suc-
cessively to enter the process values.
Thus the force, displacement, time,
speed, acceleration and braking rate
can be easily programmed for each
step. Once the required input screens
have been dened, the joining program
is completed and the steps are pro-
cessed automactically.
The monitoring of the joining pro-
cess is effected by window and/or
envelope technology by force-distance
Highlights for
n Positioning on force slope:
Joining components until a
denite slope (increasing force)
or relatively once a knee-point
has been detected.
n Controller module:
This module allows you to easily
solve processes by controlling
the process variables and main
taining constant signals, e.g.,
rolling processes with constant
force controlling
n Measurement data system:
Measurement data can be
captured relative to positions and
force, but also relative to freely
denable reference points (e.g.,
relative to achieving a specic
n Strain compensation:
Not only customizable for
separate systems, also for specif-
ic processes and components.
sensors and the analysis and evalua-
tion of the data by our UFM V5.xx soft-
ware and the DB Viewer. A force-dis-
tance analysis of the joining process
enables a 100% control of every part
in real time. The data of the analysis is
numerically and graphically editable so
that the course of the process can be
controlled individually. The customer
can also pass on the individual pro-
gramming by using the teach mode
functionality. The limit curve will then be
learned automatically by a good part.
Data for quality control will be stored by
the database plugin and can be used
at every time.
The software features an integrated
User Administration with different per-
mission levels and logging for process
safety. Changes to the program are
documented by the log so thus are
traceable. Each user prole can be
exported and then imported to another
station. Thus it is possible to integrate
a user administration system and also
to connect the system to a higher-lev-
el permission system using the .Net
interface or eldbus (e.g. Euchner EKS
Entry screen Move
Entry screen Press to Signal
Entry screen Tare
12 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 13
Modern Database Structure
All process data including the curves
are stored in a database. All common
database formats such as Oracle, MS
SQL and Access are supported. A
separate database is created for each
station. Programs can be stored and
re-used at any time. Thus program
changes are traceable and therewith
the entire production.
Triggertechnology by PROMESS
The triggers are „pulse points“ that can be set within the program steps
Move, Press to Signal and the controller module. The trigger provokes
an action as soon as the dened condition within the program step is
fullled. The conditions are set by the user. He can set up to
seven trigger points in one program step in order to react to
processing events during movement. These reactions can
n Smooth speeds
n Set the outputs in real time
n Change target parameters during movement
n Correct process tolerances during movement
Software Highlights:
Join on position, join on force, join on external signals
(e.g., analog or TTL signals)
Force and speed can be programmed individually during the
joining process
Variables can be used to transmit setpoints, perform calculations
using PLC and generate counters
100 % quality control using window and/or envelope methods
100 % process documentation using modern database structure
100 % process analysis using standardized interface to QS-STAT
(optional), alternative to process management software IPM
(optional) – can be expanded using .net interface
Trigger function for demanding applications
High controller accuracy (minimization of overshoot in control processes)
Display of two graphs in one diagram
Quick printout of a graph report (screenshot)
Scope of Delivery for Components:
n Universal electro mechanical assembly press Classic
n Absolute transducer (optional)
n Servo amplier incl. application module, Ethernet module,
and UFM V5 Firmware
n Brake resistance
n Digital preamplier PDM-S
n Cable, eldbus and more accessories on request
The database can be analyzed using
the DB Viewer with its extensive que-
rying and ltering options. Graphs can
be superimposed on each other for
comparisons and analyses. Envelopes
can be edited and reloaded into the
press. The data can also be export-
ed in Excel format at any time. The
standard models include the database
software package and DB Viewer.
14 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 15
Individual electrical cabinet
Accessories / Options
The series UFM Classic features various possibilities
for customization as well as comprehensive acces-
sories for an optimal use of our servopresses. The
accessories complete the mechanics, electric, and
software of our products and thus offer complete
technologies for solving indivual and complex
assembly and testing tasks.
PROMESS offers customer-specif-
ic, modular electric cabinets for the
integration of the electromechanical
assembly presses into automatic as-
sembly lines.
All connections have been wired to
terminals. All components are mounted
in-house and are tested prior to leaving.
All connections in the cabinet are connected to pins.
Customer-supplied connections:
n Power connection, 400 V AC
n 2-channel emergency stop circuit, 24 V DC
n PLC interface as digital I/O, 24 V DC
n Fieldbus interface option
The cable sets consists of the following cables:
n Motor power cable
n Resolver cable or encoder cable
n Proximity switch cable
n Connection cable for strain gauge or piezo amplier
n Ethernet cable to PC
16 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 17
As an option to our assembly presses
UFM Precision5 we offer our PROMESS
Safety Box PSB as an alternative to the
integration in electrical cabinets. The
device features all safety and power
components for this purpose. It can
easily and quickly be connected by
plug & play. All cables are pluggable.
Due to the compact design, the PSB
can be mounted next to the assembly
press so that cable lengths can be
reduced and wiring becomes unnec-
essary. By using the PSB your assem-
bly press will be ready for production
n No integration in electrical
n Reduction of cable lengths
n No wiring work
n No adaption of electrical
n Short connection time:
plug & play
n PLe for STO by default
n Extention on SLS, SS1, possible
n IP Code 54
n Extremely compact design
Safety Box PSB
System design
System Design
UFM Classic
Power cable
Field bus
Position encoder (optional)
Safety Box PSB
Overview connections
Power switch Emergency stop button
Reset buttonFieldbus intake
Motor feedbacksystem
Safety break
Motor supply
Power supply
18 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 19
System design
System design
The PSD safety module is delivered
tested and ready to install. It contains
the power electronics and safety
controller for the joining unit. It offers
the following safety functionality: STO
in PLe in accordance with DIN ISO
13849-1; optional: SSx and SLS in PLd
in accordance with DIN ISO 13849-1
(for UFM Classic with safety brake).
The safety module eases and acceler-
ates the installation procedure for the
joining unit.
The PSD is suitable for our UFM Clas-
sic units with and without brakes. As a
prerequisite, it must be controlled using
Connected Components
n AC servo amp with NC module
n Brake resistance
n EMC components, main power lter
n Safety functionality: STO in PLe in
accordance with DIN ISO 13849-1;
optional: SS1 and SLS in PLd in
accordance with DIN ISO 13849-1
(for UFM Classic with safety brake)
n Fieldbus interface (must be ordered
n Set of cables (must be ordered
n Connectors (connected to pins):
power supply (400 VAC, 24 VDC),
2-channel emergency stop circuit
24 VDC, eldbus
n Short installation times
n Reduced wiring work
n Completely inspected and
n EMC tested
Safety Module PSD
PSD 010G1
UFM Classic
Power cable
Field bus
Position encoder (optional)
Standard or
- Visualization
- Database
- Program Memory
20 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 21
Input Force Transducer
Accuracy class 0.1 %
Sensitivity 0.1 …5mV/V
Analogue bandwith 10 kHz typ. (-3dB)
A/D converter 24 bit
Housing Aluminium die-cast
Protection class
EN 60529 IP 40
Dimensions LxBxH 125x80x57 mm (height
without connectors)
Input Encoder
Tracks A+, B+, A-, B-
Level Rectangle TTL 5V
Counter 16 bit
Input Force Transducer
Accuracy class 0.1 %
Analogue bandwith 10 kHz typ. (-3dB)
A/D converter 24 bit
Housing Aluminium die-cast
Protection class
EN 60529 IP 40
Dimensions LxBxH 125x80x57 mm (height
without connectors)
Input Encoder
Input Encoder A+, B+, A-, B-
Pegel Rectangle TTL 5V
Zähler 16 bit
PROMESS Digital Modules PDM
PROMESS offers four different multifunction ampliers PDM. The modules are
digitally connected to the UFM control via the PROMESS bus. They feature the
following charateristics:
Item no. 14650
Digital preamplier for strain
gauge force transducer, multi
range calibration optional
Item no. 14655 / 56
Digital preamplier for piezo
force transducer, multi range
calibration optional
Analogue Inputs
Precision class 0.25 %
Analogue bandwith 10 kHz typ. (-3dB)
Resolution A/D
converter 24 bit
Housing Aluminium die-cast
Protection class EN
60529 IP 40
Dimensions LxBxH 125x80x57 mm (height
without connectors)
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Input Encoder
Tracks A+, B+, A-, B-
Level Rectangle TTL 5V
Counter 16 bit
Item no. 14711
Four analogue inputs
+/- 10 VDC
Input protection Electrically isolated
Output protection Electrically isolated
Eingangsspannung 24 VDC
Ausgangsstrom 24 VDC
Case mounting Cap rail
Protection class EN
60529 IP 40
Dimensions LxBxH 165x109x55 mm
Item no. 14700
16 digital in- and outputs
22 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 23
Four-Column Frame
Four-column frames are suitable for ap-
plications with central axial application
of force. They offer low bending that is
solely parallel.
By default, the lower plates are
equipped with a center hole and 2-T
grooves as optimum tool mounts. The
upper plates are pre-fabricated to hold
a specic joining module.
The robust C-frames are easily ac-
cessible from the front and sides and
provide high stiffness and very low
bending. They are mainly suitable for
use in assembly lines or machines.
By default, the lower plates are
equipped with a center hole and 2-T
grooves as optimum tool mounts. The
upper plates are pre-fabricated to hold
a specic joining module.
24 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 25 PROMESS UFM Classic 2524 PROMESS UFM Classic
External Force
The servopresses of the series UFM
Classic are delivered with integrated
strain gauge force transducer. For
applications with a need for highest
accuracy we offer additional external
force transducer which will be mounted
at the end of the press ram.
The force transducers of the UFM Classic
range are designed to measure tension
and compression forces both statically
and dynamically. They have been spe-
cially designed and dimensioned for
the UFM Clasic range of presses. They
offer high measurement precision and,
when installed, are low in height.
Cable Carrier
PROMESS offers different modules
for towing the force transducer cable
safely without wear and tear.
External Force Transducer
Cable Carrier Assembly
Sensors (Position transducers)
The PROMESS NC controller allows you to connect various additional sensors for
measuring force, distance, temperature or other variables.
Technical Data
Item no. Sensor / Accessory Cable
3647 Precision sensor ST 1278 axial 12 mm, neutral position
extended +/- 0,001 m
3640 Precision sensor ST 1278 radial 12 mm, neutral position
extended +/- 0,001 m
4103003080 Precision sensor ST 1277 axial 12 mm, neutral position
extended +/- 0,001 m
4103003078 Precision sensor ST 3078 axial 30 mm, neutral position
extended +/- 0,001 m
11558505 5 m connecting cable for
precision sensor ST 127x
26 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 27 PROMESS UFM Classic 2726 PROMESS UFM Classic
Cable Sets
The standard cable sets are available
in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 m.
We also offer individual lengths as well
as split cable sets with coupling plug.
PROMESS offers various eldbusses
for communicating between the PLC
and NC controller of the servopress.
These include: Probus, Pronet, Eth-
erNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP. On request,
we can also provide additional eld-
Display and PC
As a programming unit for editing NC programs and for visualizing signals,
PROMESS offers industrial PCs and displays on request.
28 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 29
Software Plugins
PROMESS offers a range of custom
plugins for its powerful UFM V5.xx
programming software. These can be
connected to the software through the
.net interface. This allows the software
to be modied on a case-by-case basis
and optimized for specic applications
without having to update or change the
rmware. The expanded database is
also linked to the plugin.
Excerpt from the plugin library:
n UFMR Barcode
The UFMR Barcode plugin can be
used to change the program within
the UFM software using a barcode
scanner. While the program runs, the
barcode scanner can be used, for
instance, to transfer a Part ID using the
UFM dialog function.
n UFMR Calibrate
The plugin UFM Calibrate was devel-
oped for the calibration of the force
transducer of our electromechani-
cal assembly presses. It supports
the 2-point calibration of the analog
preamp as well as the characteristic
calibration with the integrated range
calibration of our digital preamp
PROMESS offers a calibration set con-
sisting of a reference force transducer
and a KT-V5 analysis unit with display
for the calibration. The KT-V5 is con-
nected to the USB port of the computer
where the servopress is operated in
order to read in the values of the refer-
ence force. The values of the reference
force transducer are automatically
detected by the integrated TED5 and
are displayed into a calibration protocol
that can be exported to Excel.
It is also possible to perform the
calibration using other non-integrated
references. In this case, the base point
values of the reference transducer are
entered manually.
n UFMR MachineCapability
The plugin UFMR MachineCapability is
used to determine the machine capa-
bility of force measurements in an elec-
tromechanical assembly press. The
machine capability test is performed by
repeatedly running of a UFM program
running to a given force value while
reading the position and force values of
the joining unit as well as optionally the
values of a reference transducer.
and measuring values to the Integrated
Process Data Management (IPM) of the
company CSP for evaluation.
The plugin UFMR PPMP serves for the
data transfer of UFM system operations
and process data like press-t curves,
measured values, variable etc. to a higher
ranking systems via the Production Perfor-
mance Management Protocol (PPMP).
n UFMR XML-Writer
The XML Writer plugin is used to ex-
port date generated during the joining
process, such as gaugings, curve data
and variable values, to an XML le. The
XML les can be used for any further
processing and analysis.
The UFMR QDE plugin
allows you to export quality
data into the statistics software Qs-STAT
from the Q-DAS company and thus
helps you to control and optimize your
production process. You can export
measurement data as characteristic
data, as well as supplementary data and
description data for every joining pro-
gram. Exports are supported for “dfq“ as
well as “dfd“ and „ dfx” le formats.
The plugin UFMR IPM
also supports the control
and optimization of your assembly pro-
cess and helps you to detect production
failures early. You can export process
UFM Machine Capability
Calibration plugin
30 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 31
Our Service Competence
PROMESS universal joining modules have been used for many years in heavy indus-
trial applications. This is made possible through the solid quality of the products
as well as our extensive, sustainable worldwide service.
From process development to preliminary testing, from
initial installation to daily production, PROMESS offers
holistic product expertise from a single source and thus
provides sustainably rapid service and competent con-
sulting. Our services include:
PROMESS has developed various training modules to simplify, as much as possible,
the installation, operation, maintenance and handling of our joining modules. For this
purpose, we have developed special training modules that cover all key aspects that
are specially conceived for each target group. The modules are based on core knowl-
edge for introducing NC joining technologies that, after consultation, can be individu-
ally modied or adapted. Training can be held on site or at PROMESS headquarters in
Berlin and are performed by experienced and qualied training personnel.
n Process development
n Preliminary testing
n Rental units
n Installation
n Extensive documentation
n Training
n Local and remote maintenance
Range of Services
n Calibration services
n Emergency repairs and spare
part delivery
n Consignment warehouse
n Worldwide distribution and
service network
Our services include:
32 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 33
Our maintenance contract contains:
n 1 x annual maintenance checkup including following services:
Re-greasing of all lubricated areas
Transmission oil change when necessary
Inspection of mechanical and safety-relevant parts
Replacement of worn parts when necessary
Software update
Creation of machine status report and offer to eliminating
any deciencies or faults
Calibration of force transducer
Adjustment work
Issuing of calibration certication
n 12-month extension to guarantee following maintenance
n Express delivery with no additional charges
n 10% discount on single parts
n 10% discount on additional services and training
Calibration and
Avoid expensive repairs
Preventative maintenance is the
simplest means of reducing costly
standstills in production, increasing
machine life and boosting productiv-
ity. Our services offer exible main-
tenance for your plant with minimum
downtime. Calibration Set
Easily perform a quick calibration or test
of the UFM joining unit in your machine
using the Promess calibration set. The
process can be automated using the
optionally available software.
On completion, a log le is created that
can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
Special Features
n Easy operation
n Robust battery-driven display
n Industrial strength suitcase
n Nominal forces from 500N to 50kN
n With factory calibration certicates
PROMESS Calibration Sets
consists of:
n Reference transducer
n Evaluation unit for the reference
transducer with display and USB
port for connecting to a PC
n Factory calibration log
(or DKD calibration by request)
n Promess software UFMR Calibrate
n Suitcase
Calibration Software
Calibration Set 1kN 5kN
Item no. 5006 5007 5004 5001 5000 5005
Force transducer
KAM/1kN/0.2 KAM/5kN/0.2 KAM/10kN/0.2 KAM/20kN/0.2 KAM/50kN/0.2 KAM/100kN/0.2
Base plate XKM 096 XKM 096 XKM 096 XKM 094 XKM 094 Ohne
Ø40 / 12 Ø40 / 12 Ø40 / 12 Ø90 / 25 Ø90 / 25 Ø90 / 25
Plug XKC 041 XKC 041 XKC 041 XKC 041 XKC 041 XKC 041
Display AE 702.01 AE 702.01 AE 702.01 AE 702.01 AE 702.01 AE 702.01
AE 702.05 AE 702.05 AE 702.05 AE 702.05 AE 702.05 AE 702.05
Factory calibration
XKW 221 XKW 221 XKW 221 XKW 221 XKW 221 XKW 221
34 PROMESS UFM Classic PROMESS UFM Classic 35
n Verstemmen mit
geregelter Kraft
auf relativen Weg.
n Monitored bending
of straps, brackets
etc. on safety com-
n Joining of plastic
and medtech parts
with monitoring of
snapping force.
n Calibration with
quality assurance
through monitored
Surface Checks
n Logging of
force-distance data
for multiple switch
n Logging of force-
distance data for multi-
ple positions.
n Stamping and forming
with detection of part
height and relative
forming distance.
Join on Contact
n Joining on contact with
precise shutdown once
absolute shoulder posi-
tion has been reached.
n Rivet press with
press force and
control of power
Precision Joining
n Precision joining < 0.002
mm, collision-free due
to electronic bending
Our electromechanical assembly presses UFM Classic feature
various conguration possibilities and thus are successfully used
in a multitude of applications. This includes in the automotive
industry the assembly and testing of gears, chassis or motor
systems. But also in other industries like the electrical or medical
industry or the battery production, the servopresses are used for
assembly and joining applications with force-distance monitoring.
Application Examples Position s [mm]
Kraft f [kN]
Position s [mm]
Force f [kN]
Force f [kN]Force f [kN]
Position s [mm] Position s [mm]
Force f [kN]
Position s [mm] Position s [mm]
Force f [kN]
Force f [kN]
Position s [mm] Position s [mm]
Force f [kN]
Position s [mm]
Force f [kN]
Position s [mm]
Force f [kN]
L1 L2
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