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Your partner for measuring
technology and automation
Instruments for Process Industry
Your partner for measuring
technology and automation
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Water level
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Signal converter
| 2 | ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany
ACS-Control-System is a
medium-sized company with over
two decades of experience in
measurement techniques.
This experience is the reliable
basis for the development and
production of lling level, pressure,
temperature and ow sensors.
Our products meet all kind of
requirements and are suitable for
use under extreme conditions.
We have quickly adapted to changing
markets which allows us to offer
our clients complex solutions as
we develop and produce innovative
measuring systems according to their
individual needs and requests.
Made in
GmbH produces
exclusively in Germany and
aims to purchases material only
at german or european suppliers if
Up to 90% of our production materials
hail veriably from Germany: e.g. all
our lathed and milled parts come from
That is of great
importance for us
so that we are able
to guarantee our
customers quick
availabilty and highest
Your partner for measuring technology
reliable and competent - over 25 years
Service is the basis of our success!
All processes are carried out and
logged in accordance with ISO 9001.
Our services include:
• installation (in collaboration with
our partners)
• initiation
• Engineering
• Training
• Maintenance
• Factory calibration
• Factory repair services
• Leasing of devices
• Ofcial certicates and
factory warrants
• Online services and technical advice
Prototyping Construction Assembly Mechanical production Test facility
Calibration Test laboratory Service Sale After-sale-management
Everything from one source:
Prototyping of software and hardware to the nal production!
Together we are strong.
ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany | 3 |
Germany Austria Netherlands Belgium Spain Norway Finland Poland Czech Republic Romania Yugoslavia Turkey
Russia Iran Egypt United Arab Emirates Argentina Chile China Vietnam South Korea
We not only offer extensive know-how in the development
and construction of measuring systems, we have also long
experience in the realisation of specic customer requests
and the conception of solutions for industrial automation.
We constantly work on optimizing those products used
in measurement and control engineering. ACS-Control-
Systems GmbH Germany guarantees fast supply and
highest quality products.
Due to our experience we feel condent that we will satisfy
your individual requirements. We are happy to provide you
with our knowledge to ensure your economic success.
Joachim Stümp (jun.)
General Management
Bastian Dorlyn
+49 (0) 8721/ 9668- 32
Steffen Barthel
Sales representative
Ofce Schweinfurt
+49 (0) 9721/ 3880450
Florian Zeitler
Sales representative
+49 (0) 8721/ 9668- 25
Martin Halbinger
International sales
+49 (0) 8721/ 9668- 15
Christian Eder
Production manager
+49 (0) 8721/ 9668- 18
Norbert Minner
Sales manager
+49 (0) 8721/ 9668- 17
Gerhard Jung
Sales representative
+49 (0) 8721/ 9668- 25
If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Marianne Stümp
General Management
We are always open-minded about
new sales partners
| 4 | ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany
Hydrostatic lling
level measurement
• reliable and robust lling level mea-
surement technique using the hydro-
static pressure of the liquid column
• suitable for use in all industrial
sectors ranging from waste water to
food industries and available in various
models and process connections
Ultrasonic lling
level measurement
• allows non-contact measurement of
liquids and solids
• modern technologies make it adap-
table to the most complex container
shapes and measurement tasks
Radar measurement
• radar measurement is used in envi-
ronments where the ultrasonic method
meets its limits, e. g. in liquids with
foam building at the surface, acrogenic
liquids, high temperatures, etc.
Conductive limit
value detection
• easy, well proven measurement
system for limit value detection, pump
control, etc. in conductive liquids
Vibration limit switch for
liquids and solids
• Reliable, mechanic free limit switches
Rotary wing limit switch
• classical limit switchs for solids used
in many applications
Capacitive limit switch
• simple and economical limit switch
for liquids and solids
ACS ll level measurement
devices in use
Hydrocont® D50 for hydrostatic lling
level measurement in milk tanks.
Its anti-condensation system makes
this sensor particularly suitable for use
in this humid environment conditioned
by condensation water.
Our core competences: lling level
measurement of liquids and solids
Filling level
ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany | 5 |
water level sensor
• battery-operated water level sensor
with a data logger for autarkic recor-
ding and saving of measured values
• applicable in rivers, lakes, ground
water measuring points and even in
containers where no power supply is
Remote data transmission
• with GSM/GPRS-module
• transmits the recorded values to the
operation centre, to computer net-
works or directly to the PLC
GSM module alarm
• alarms you by SMS of high and low
water and the exceeding of upper and
lower temperature limits
ACS water level measurement
devices in use
Hydrolog® featuring the GSM module is used in
rivers at large german power plants for water
level logging and alarming and for lake water
level and ground water measurement.
The sensor is used for water level logging by
competent authoritys and will warn the persons
in charge by SMS of high water using the GSM
Autarkic water level measurement
systems with high and low water alarm functions
Water level
Our core competences: lling level
measurement of liquids and solids
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Anfrage vom Kunden
Erstellung von Lasten-
und Pflichtenheften
Standard pressure sensors
• pressure sensors with analogue and
switching output
• in 2-wire or 3-wire technology
• ranging from strain gauge measuring
elements to capacitive ceramic
measuring sensors
• with or without display
• from synthetic connector housings to
stainless steel terminal boxes and all
customary process connections
Ex applications
• nearly all of our series are certied
for use in explosion hazard areas
• they can be used for gas applications
in ex area 0 and 1 and for dust
applications in area 20 and 21
High temperature
pressure sensors
• pressure diaphragm seals allow for
safe metrological monitoring of pro-
cesses at temperatures up to 370°C/
Hygienic and
pharmaceutical applications
• for this eld we offer special pressure
sensors with EHEDG-compliant process
connections, material certications and
highest accuracy
Pressure switch
• electronic pressure switches with
non-contact optical keyboard and
simple menu operation for fast and
easy startup and operation
Differential pressure
• developed for smallest differential
pressures and highest accuracy
ACS pressure measurement
devices in use
Precont® D40 featuring AKS used in a
paper mill. High environmental tempe-
ratures combined with high air humi-
dity and exposure to dirt have caused
a high failure rate of conventional
pressure sensors. Using the Precont
D40 the efciency of pressure sensors
has increased considerably.
Wide range of devices and extensive
know-how - ACS can always offer you the right system
ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany | 7 |
Standard screw-in
resistance thermometer
• Pt100 sensors available in all
dimensions and process connections
Digital temperature sensors
• resistance thermometer with display,
analogue and switching output
• devices with an automatic
self-monitoring function provide
a maximum of safety
Ex resistance thermometer
• for measurements in explosion
hazard areas: for gas applications in
ex area 0 and 1 and for dust
applications in area 20 and 21
Hygienic and
pharmaceutical applications
• screw-in sensors with hygienic
process connections, touch sensors
with front-ush welded sleeves and
highly accurate tube touch sensors
• easy validation, materials testing,
self-monitoring, highest accuracy
Chemical resistant sensor
• acid and alkali resistant resistance
thermometer made of special materials
or with high-quality coating
Penetration and immersion
resistance thermometer
• Pt100 sensors in various styles with
permanent cable connections
Temperature signal
• signal converter for Pt100 and
thermocouples for direct mounting in
the sensor head or the control cubicle
ACS temperature
measurement devices in use
PTV sensor used by a well-known
pharmaceutical company in one of
their pipelines.
Fast, dead-space free installation wi-
thout heat-conductive paste makes the
sensor ideal for this type of application.
This sensor has been designed for easy
validation, another customer require-
Temperature sensors and signal converters
- well equipped for all measurement tasks
Wide range of devices and extensive
know-how - ACS can always offer you the right system
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Flange versions,
Flowcont F
• electromagnetic ow meter for
applications in water and waste water
• various models up to DN1000, Ex
versions, compact and separate units
Hygienic versions,
Flowcont L
• electromagnetic ow meter for the
food industry
• with hygienic process connections
and stainless steel housing
Flow measurement for
partially lled pipes,
Flowcont TGF
• electromagnetic ow meter for use in
full or partially lled pipelines
Mass ow meter
• with non-conductive media, which
can no longer be detected with a
magneto-inductive measuring system,
these owmeters are used
Floating object ow meter
• classical mechanical ow
measurement method
• models with metal or glass cones,
mere indicators, with limit contacts as
well as analogue outputs
Consumption counter for
compressed air and gases
• calorimetric measurement principle
• incl. measuring pipe line or screw-on
pipe diameters up to DN300
ACS ow measurement
devices in use
Flowcont® F ange version used for
ow measurement and entry of sludge
quantities in a wastewater
treatment plant.
Flowgas TMS 200 in use.
Flow measurement – uncomplicated
and easy
ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany | 9 |
Display devices
• ranging from simple 3 ½ - digit
panel and bargraph display devices to
multifunctional display and evaluation
devices with multiple channels and
limit values
Paper recorder
• colour hybrid recorder for recording
analogue measured values and digital
Digital screen recorder
• paperless recording devices for ana-
logue and digital input channels
• with calculation functions and remote
• ideal devices for record keeping and
documentation for authorities
Industrial and process
• universal control devices for tem-
perature, furnace, turbine, frequency
converter, pressure and ratio control
• for dosing, mixing, etc.
International specialists
• as a sales partner of West Con-
trol Solutions and PMA Prozeß- und
Maschinen-Automation Gmbh of many
years we can offer additionally various
indicators and transmitters of favorable
terms according to your wishes
ACS display devices in use
Process display DPA in a cabinet of a sewage
plant and Regicont recorder in an operation
panel in a municipal utility company.
DPA are used for fast visual illustration
of the measured values by means of bargraph
and freely adjustable digital display, whereas
Regiconts are used to record the measured
We offer a variety of display,
evaluation and registration devices
Flow measurement uncomplicated
and easy
| 10 | ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany
Isolation amplier active
• preset or multifunctional isolation
amplier with all-voltage power supply
and sensor supply
• with one or two channels
Isolation amplier passive
• for save, galvanic isolation of analo-
gue circuits without auxiliary power
Ex isolation amplier
• isolation ampliers used to supply
sensors in Ex areas
• output signals are galvanically isola-
Isolation barrier
• Ex isolation barriers for various appli-
Limit value switch
• for easy determination of the limit
value of analogue and Pt100 signals
• easy adjustment by decode switch or
LCD display
Signal converter
• converter for Pt100, thermocouple,
potentiometer or other analogue si-
gnals into standardized signals
Overvoltage protection
• safety components protect signals
and supply connections against over-
voltage and lightning strike
ACS signal converter in use
TVA-120 isolation amplier used in a
control cubicle for galvanic isolation of
analogue signals to be fed to an PLC
(programmable logic controller) input
A good isolation amplier becomes
noticeable by not being noticeable at all.
Signal converter
ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH | www.acs-controlsystem.de | info@acs-controlsystem.de | Eggenfelden | Germany | 11 |
Optoelectronic sensors
• light sensors, reecting light sensors,
one-way, laser or frame sensors
• scan objects at close range and even
at great distance
Safety light barriers
• light barriers in accordance with
the association’s safety regulations
• used in front of hazardous machines
and devices to avoid accidents
Dirt resistant light
• special light barriers for use in very
dirty and dusty environments where
”regular” light barriers quickly fail
Light conducting cable
with ampliers
• breglass light barriers for measure-
ments in places with difcult access,
very high temperatures or vibration
Inductive sensors
• inductive proximity switches for
non-contact switching of metal parts
Capacitive sensors
• non-contact switches for the
detection of non-metal parts
Magnetic eld sensors
• sensors are inuenced by magnets,
which allows for very wide detection
ACS sensors in use
Forked light barrier for label detection
and positioning. Printer’s imprint scan-
ner checks for production labels.
Basic sensor systems: inductive resp.
capacitive proximity switches or optical sensors and safety light barriers
Hydrocont®, Sonicont®, Hydrolog®, Flowcont®, Precont®, Thermocont®
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