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Product portfolio of ACO moisture measurement systems with corresponding mechanical integration units for industrial production processes.
Moisture measurement systems
Moisture measurement sensors
Integration kits
Every material has a certain moisture.
By knowing that moisture the pro-
duction, the storage and the quality
of this material can be optimized.
ACO sensors determine the moisture
of several kind of material in real-time.
Analogue and digital measurement systems
for all operation sites
The key products of our delivery range are three
sensor families called DMMS, AMMS and MMS.
For many applications it is necessary using one
of ACO's various Integration kits. And last but not
least, we are also able to oer you a wide range
of hand held and laboratory measuring devices.
Your application has turned out to be really tricky
or special? We are convinced we will be able to
solve it! Our highly qualified and open minded
developing team turns your guidelines into feasible
and application-oriented solutions.
ACO sensors are mainly used
for continuous measurement to
determine the residual moisture
in real-time. The sensors functi-
on in accordance to the capacity
measurement. The surface of the
sensor is directly in contact with
the material.
The very robust ACO sensors are
made of high-grade steel. They
are designed to cope with the
toughest application. With little
mechanical eort it can be additi-
onally added to existing plants.
We oer several construction
forms depending on the intended
Depending on the kind of ACO
moisture measuring system or
sensor you will have the oppor-
tunity to use an analogue output
signal and/or Profibus DP mea-
suring signal. Thus it should be
compatible with every existing
process control system (PLC)
and also with the newest ones.
The place of installation is a significant consideration. Directly, it takes influence on the quality of the
measurement. Take advantage of our long-term experience.
Moisture measurement in the field
DMMS Digital Moisture Measuring System
The DMMS by ACO combines great flexibility, easy installation and high comfort.
DMMS is especially suitable for challenging applications. Up to 16 sensors are able to communicate
digitally with a central evaluation unit. Wiring becomes easy by using bus-technology. That makes it
simple to upgrade the measuring points. The bus-system can manage a max. length of 1.200 meters which
allows you to cover even spacious estates. The calibration is made on-line within the process, so after the
sensor has already been implemented. As a result the influences caused by the assembly situation can
be immediately detected and compensated. The kind of measurement can be chosen between continuous
and batch operation (via start and stop signal). It is also possible to switch the material curve (up to 16
dierent material curves per sensor. The transfer of the measuring values can be done digitally by Profibus
DP or by standard signal (e.g. 4…20mA, 0..10V). If the sensor has to be exchanged the calibration curves
can be completely adopted – there is no additional eort.
Consulting, assembly
and installation of our
devices, laboratory test
and trainings for your
Capacitive moisture measurement
Up to 16 sensors per signal processing unit
Temperature range of measuring material: 4...80 °C
Measured-value transfer: Profibus DP or
optional analoge standard signal (e.g. 4…20mA)
Switch material curve of sensor
Continuous measurement or batch operation
Certification for explosion-risk area (ex zone 22)
Sensor extended temperature range, up to 100°C
Sensor for measurement in silo
Sensor for measurement in mixer
Sensor housing made of acid proof stainless steel
AMMS Compact system
MMS Universal sensor
The AMMS sensor combines the advantages of calibration in the process with a direct
measured-value transfer (e.g. 4…20mA) brought together in a compact version
The MMS (Moisture Measuring Sensor) by ACO
stands for universal usage, easy installation
and best price-performance ratio.
This universal usable moisture measuring sensor has
an analogue measuring arrangement and uses the
capacitive measuring principle for determining the
moisture content of material. By standardized ana-
logue signals (e.g.4...20mA, 0...20mA or 0...10V) the
measure values are delivered to a PLC or a control-
ler. The calibration of the sensor has to be done by
rotary potentionmeter, beyong the actual process.
Capacitive moisture measurement
Temperature range of measuring material: 4…70°C
Temperature compensation of sensor electronic
Direct measured-values transfer from the sensor
Multi-point calibration
Integrated averaging
Comfortable, clear calibration software, optional
Alternative: “direct” calibration without software
The AMMS sensor with its inte-
grated microprocessor estab-
lishes a transition between the
DMMS system and the analogue
moisture measuring sensor MMS.
Beside a power supply this sensor
only needs a display or a PLC
which is waiting for its measu-
ring value. The AMMS sensor has
been designed for applications
which do not need a multi-pieced
system but benefit of a precise
on-line calibration that is able to
compensate the influences
of the installation. It is also
pos sible to calibrate the AMMS
sensor directly by an integrated
rotary encoder. This work actually
takes place before the sensor has
been installed.
Integrated temperature sensing device (Pt100)
Several analogue standard signals like
4…20mA / 0…20mA / 010V
Sensor for measurement in silo
Sensor for measurement in mixer
Sensor integration easy and precise
The best sensor does no good if it has been placed in the wrong position.“ That‘s the reason why
we take special care to achieve the best solution for the various location sites with the collaboration
of our customers. Based on our long term experience and our application-oriented ACO integration kits,
e.g. sensor slides or compaction units, we are very well prepared for this job.
Our universal sensors determine the
moisture of the most dierent material
and are able to cope successfully with
various operating conditions.
fig.: Feasible mounting positions of moisture measuring sensors
screw conveyor
mixing time
recipe correcting
controller PC / PLC
SFM4 Screw compaction unit
The SFM4 screw compaction unit has to be placed
in a free fall situation of material, e.g. in a drop shaft.
A partial flow of this material is trapped in the first
section of the compaction unit. The screw compac-
tor compresses the material and conveys it right
across the installed ACO moisture sensor for precise
measuring results under constant and equal condi-
tions (density, dumping height, etc...).
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Integration kits The perfect solution
SFM1_HACK Compaction unit
The compaction unit SFM1_HACK is specially
de signed for the determination of residual
moisture of coarse material in the free fall.
While the pneumatic cylinder moves the „back
panel“ of the SFM1_HACK the falling down
material can be compacted and pushed across
the ACO moisture sensor in constant conditions.
TFM1 Compaction unit
The compaction unit TFM1 is specially designed for
the determination of the residual moisture of clay
and loam. Its hydraulic cylinder gives the compac-
tion unit the power to work successfully for a long,
long time.
PN1 Sampler
The PN1 Sampler has to be mounted in a free fall
situation, e.g. in a drop shaft. A part of the falling
down bulk good is trapped in the cup. The bottom
of this cup consists of the measuring surface of the
ACO moisture measuring sensor.
Our tailor-made integration kits enable a feasible integration of the sensor within the process.
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