A glassful of aromas

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A glassful of aromas

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I admit it – sometimes I suffer from creative block. I simply can’t come up with a sparklingly brilliant idea for the next blog article. And what do I do to find inspiration for new blog articles? I go surfing on the internet. Because where else would you find so much sensible stuff, senseless stuff too, and often something entirely new?

One site that so far has never failed to jerk me out of my creative black hole is Pinterest. There you come across out-of-the-ordinary ideas, get new impressions, and encounter predicted trends.

Recently I discovered another new trend: wine glasses are filled with a huge variety of different foods so as to represent the different aromas involved.

That sounds great, I thought to myself, surely we can do that with beer aromas as well!

After all, the world of beer is every bit the equal of its oenological equivalent in terms of multifaceted diversity and disparate aromas.

So with rekindled creativity I got together with my colleagues and tested four different types of beer: a milk stout, an IPA, a wheat bock and a Belgian high-strengh beer. The flavours we identified we put in the glasses as aromas. And the result is all that we hoped for, in terms of both taste and visual aesthetics.

You taste different aromas in one beer or another? Then please bear in mind that we aren’t qualified beer sommeliers. So if one flavour or the other seems a bit strange, please don’t take it amiss  Then, though, we’ll look forward to reading your feedback in the comments.

But in any case the we really enjoyed the “tasting”!


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