High hopes for hops archive

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A what? A hops archive? What would that look like? A room full of dried hops? Tiah Edmunson-Morton explains what the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archive (OHBA) is, a bit of the history of hops growing in Oregon, and how much fun she’s having working with hops. 

Tiah, tell us about your life. How did you get into hops? When was the archive founded and why?

If you go way back, my family started in the hops industry at the turn of the th century. My great-great-grandfather had a small hop farm in Goshen, Oregon. When his sons took it over, they made it much larger. The Edmunsons farmed their land through the late s, but sour cherries had replaced hops after mildew wiped them out in the s. This mirrors the trajectory of the rest of the state. There were lots of family farms (around 1, at the turn of the th century, then a rapid decrease through the first half of the th century, then a rapid decrease through the first half of the th century.But I’m not a farmer. I do have five small hop plants growing in my backyard, but I don’t think that counts. I have two graduate degrees in the Humanities (English and Library Science), but I’ve always loved to garden and have been deeply interested in agriculture since I started working at OSU (Oregon State University) nearly ten years ago.

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