Founders’ firm foundations

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Founders’ firm foundations

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We’ve found something again. And we were so pleased with it that we want to share it here with our readers: a rediscovered article about the Founders Brewery, which appeared in the 4/12 issue of the magazine. 

Here, however, unfortunately, we only have space for a summary of the article; you can read the full-length version in the magazine.

Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers found that their day jobs left them dissatisfied, so the two homebrewers decided to turn their pipe dream of brewing beer for a living into a reality. In , they formed Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their business got off to a rather rocky start, but today, years later, the brewery is standing firmly on its own two feet. By now, Founders Brewing Company is one of the most popular craft breweries in the United States, repeatedly winning medals at national competitions.

In , Founders’ output came to , hectolitres , barrels), it rose to , hectolitres , barrels) in and climbed to , hectolitres , barrels) in . In early , Founders modernized its filling operation and its fermentation and storage cellars, opting for a pneumatic Mecafill VKPV filler from Krones with valves, a short-tube filler with double pre-evacuation.

The filler operates at a speed of , bottles an hour bottles a minute) and formed the basis for capacity upsizing to , hectolitres , barrels). The Mecafill VKPV counterpressure filler has been combined with a Variojet bottle rinser (likewise featuring bottle clamps) and a crowner, and has been supplemented by a fill-level inspector using X-rays: the Checkmat F-X. The line mainly fills millilitre ounces) bottles and also fills some millilitre ounces) bottles for specialty beers. Around two-thirds of the total production output is bottled, with the rest being filled in kegs. The prices for bottled beer definitely make you look twice: a four-pack or a six-pack costs 9. US-dollars, or just under eight euros. Founders currently packs its bottles in bottle case boxes and bottle cartons for its specialty, large-format releases.

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