ACO moisture measurement for coffee in Copal unloading system for Nestle Mexico

Moisture measurement from ACO Automation Components for coffee beans in Copal unloading system for Nestle Mexico.

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00:11nestle the largest food company in the

00:13world and leader in the field of

00:15nutrition health and wellness is using

00:17in their Toluca plant in Mexico the COPE

00:19al situ solution for the automatic

00:21unloading and palletizing of jute bags

00:23filled with coffee beans since the

00:26installation of the three systems at the

00:28end of 2015 more than 1 million bags

00:31have been unloaded semi-automatic the

00:34system is equipped with an innovative

00:35spider gripper that collects and

00:37deposits the bags on an extendable

00:38conveyor sensors ensure the automatic

00:41positioning of this gripper the

00:47partnership with copal allows Nestle to

00:50create value for their society with its

00:52mission good food good life concretely

00:55this means the employees of Nestle are

00:57not burdened with heavy physical labour

00:59the number of injuries has been reduced

01:02dramatically by using our system in

01:04addition the automated sampling and

01:06disapproval of bags improve quality


01:15our Koeppel container unloading system

01:17is a unique and innovative solution for

01:19a known worldwide problem heavy physical

01:22work when unloading and palletizing bags

01:24from containers the bags handling line

01:27is operated by just one employee which

01:29ensures process optimization and

01:31increases productivity



01:46the centering unit places the bags in

01:48the correct position before transferred

01:50to the conveyor belt

01:57for moisture sensors detect the humidity

02:00of the bags rejected bags due to

02:07humidity are automatically separated

02:09from the line a sampler takes random

02:17samples of the content of the bag the

02:23banks are transported and automatically

02:25palletized with a high stacking quality

02:29after palletizing the pallets are



02:39for us it's important to ensure that

02:41these being part of our process also

02:43shows that all the different dimensions

02:45that we want always to be present in the

02:48operation are part of it

02:49 safety (Hersteller) health performance quality are

02:52part of the things that we wanted to

02:55ensure that we were evolving in the

02:57operation of the cream coffee sacks

02:59offloading being before and being for

03:02many years a manual operation we wanted

03:04to evolve and to ensure that economics

03:07and long-term health of the people was

03:09addressed without compromising

03:11performance and quality so that's how it

03:14came they need to address to be

03:17addressed via this robot and this is a

03:20totally new idea this is a totally new

03:23machine and now we are very pleased that

03:27everybody dared to jump on this idea and

03:29it's already around 18 months that we've

03:31been working with so far on the four

03:34dimensions dimensions safety health

03:36quality and performance no issue has

03:39been observed the big one nevertheless

03:42discontinue being the journey and we

03:45want to ensure that on the long term the

03:47operations of Nestle for all our

03:49collaborators do not compromise

03:50neither quality nor cost at expense of

03:53safety and health so we want to continue

03:55being sure that this robot is just a

03:57milestone but it is not the end of the

03:59journey to ensure that Nestle is always

04:01at the top tier on every operation that

04:04will perform at factory level all

04:07Koeppel systems are patented seee marked

04:10and contribute to the sustainability and

04:12social responsibility of your company

04:14please contact us for more information

04:16or visit our website


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