Würth Elektronik Spulen WE-WPCC


DIE WIRELESS POWER SPULEN WE-WPCC bieten die beste Performance bei höchsten Q-Faktoren und niedrigsten RDC-Werten. Standardisierte Spulen gemäß dem Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) sowie weitere Spulen von 50 mW bis 200 W sind verfügbar. Kundenspezifische Lösungen zur drahtlosen Energieübertragung bis zu 11 kW sind möglich. Dadurch bieten wir das breiteste Portfolio an Wireless Power Transfer Spulen am Markt.

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00:12the highest impact on innovative

00:15technologies is wireless power transfer

00:21the highly distributed litz wire results

00:24in lowest resistance and best



00:31the Faraday law of induction describes

00:34the basic principle of energy

00:36transmission current flowing through the

00:38transmitter coil generates a magnetic

00:40flux which generates an induction

00:43voltage in the receiver coil transmitter

00:46and receiver coils are physically

00:48disconnected only part of the magnetic

00:50flux penetrates the receiver coil which

00:53induces voltage on the couple to coil


01:01it's high permeability shielding

01:04 material (Hersteller) features highest quality

01:06factors and it's reliable construction

01:11securely transfers the energy

01:21but electronic ISOs can cover an

01:25extremely huge spectrum of power classes


01:37customized products optimized and

01:39tailored to your applications are



01:51our experts will support you to

01:53integrate the wireless power technology

01:55in your application



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