Der beste seiner Klasse: der neue Durchflusssensor SM


Gutes noch besser machen – ifm zeigt wie’s geht: Der neue Durchflusssensor SM punktet innen wie außen mit zahlreichen Optimierungen. Welche das sind und wie Sie diese gewinnbringend für Ihre Anlage einbringen können, erfahren Sie im Video.


Text im Video


00:05hi hello my name is sandy Schaeffer man

00:09I am an inventor or rather an improver

00:14because I believe everything can be

00:15improved every time I have an idea I

00:17have just write it down idea 543 I call

00:24it the hat resto mater if you're tired

00:30you just have to find a wall yeah we

00:34have one you know on a plane in a train

00:39bus can rest your head and now if you're

00:45tired you can just sleep and nothing

00:49will happen here idea 753 this is a

00:54portable tissue dispenser (Hersteller) you know if

00:58you have the flu or if you tend to cry

01:00unexpectedly an improvement like this


01:09idea number 750 the eye drop application

01:13hyper goggles TM

01:26throughout our 50-year history

01:29improvement always was the key driver

01:31for the evolution of our products even

01:34if we do improve things differently than

01:36mr. Schaeffer man we share the same

01:39spirit of creativity and passion

01:41based on our customer's needs we

01:43optimized our sensor (Hersteller) series SM with new

01:46functionalities a slimmer design for

01:48optimal packaging and independency from

01:51Inlet and outlet conditions we improved

01:54the measuring tube for minimum pressure

01:57drop to improve your pump efficiency for

02:00high temperature applications up to 90

02:03degrees i holding provides precision

02:06data in real time to keep your

02:08production flowing exceeding limits the

02:12best flow meter in its class

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