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Offizieller Imagefilm der SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG aus Bietigheim-Bissingen. Die SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG, bekannt unter ihrem Markennamen SUCO, ist seit mehr als 80 Jahren Spezialist für Produkte der Fluid- und Antriebstechnik. Die Drucküberwachung von Pneumatik- oder Hydraulikaggregaten wird durch ein komplettes Produktprogramm sichergestellt. Mechanische Druck- und Vakuumschalter, konfektionierte Sonderlösungen mit Kabeln und Steckern sowie explosionsgeschützte Druckschalter nach ATEX Norm haben sich weltweit eine exzellente Reputation erworben.

Auch elektronische Druckschalter, -Transducer, -Transmitter und Sensoren finden sich im Produktprogramm von SUCO.

Die Produktpalette der Antriebstechnik umfasst Fliehkraftkupplungen und –bremsen, Elektromagnetkupplungen und –bremsen sowie die Kombination mit anderen antriebstechnischen Elementen zu kompletten Systemen.

Text im Video

00:00Welcome to SUCO.

00:05For over 80 years SUCO has built an excellent reputation

00:08in power transmission technology and pressure monitoring (Anbieter) solutions

00:12all over the world.

00:15Continuous product development and process optimization

00:18"have led (Hersteller) to a complete and attractive product range

00:21"including pressure and vacuum switches

00:23"pressure transducers and sensors

00:25suitable for almost any application.

00:29By acquiring ESI Technology Limited in Wales

00:32SUCO Group got access to key knowhow in sensor (Hersteller) technologies

00:36and is continuously investing in the development

00:39of electronic pressure monitoring products.

00:42For decades SUCO has been the proven expert

00:45in power transmission technology with centrifugal clutches and brakes.

00:49In addition we have extensive technical expertise

00:52in sophisticated customized solutions

00:54with electromagnetic clutches and brakes

00:56to address your unique challenges.

00:59Highly skilled employees

01:00produce around 2 million pressure monitoring products

01:03in thousands of variants at our headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen

01:07"using intelligent

01:13"Lifetimes of experience

01:15"leading-edge technology

01:17modern CNC-controlled machines

01:20and detailed process knowledge

01:21have driven us to an outstanding market position

01:24in our business fields.

01:26"Whatever material (Hersteller)

01:29or working conditions your applications require

01:32SUCO is your partner for finding the right solutions.

01:36"Pressure monitoring in any kind of hydraulic or pneumatic applications

01:40"safety brake systems

01:42or run-up support for engines with clutches –

01:45all industries trust in SUCO product solutions.

01:49Global customer service is assured

01:51by our complete sales network with more than 50 exclusive sales partners

01:55and SUCO subsidiaries.

01:57We are Suco Group. Worldwide at your side.

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