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Qualität von ifm Positionssensoren überzeugen bei Barberán

Barberán hat sich auf die Herstellung von Ummantelungsmaschinen, #Maschinen zum Kleben und Laminieren, #Lackiermaschinen und die neueste Ergänzung sind Digitaldrucker spezialisiert. Dabei kommen viele verschiedene Arten von ifm Positionssensoren zum Einsatz, da diese sowohl in der Qualität überzeugt haben aber auch der Service von ifm einzigartig ist.

Text im Video

00:06Barberán has 4 lines of business:

00:10"we manufacture wrapping machines

00:17varnishing machines and the latest addition have been digital printers.

00:23"We are a family-owned company with 200 employees

00:27located in Castelldefels on the outskirts of Barcelona.

00:31"For Barberán

00:38"When you have a machine in Australia

00:42"and the customer calls you because they have a problem

00:45"you may have to make a trip

00:50"So... No

00:56"As for the type of sensors that we use as a machinery manufacturer

01:02we use a wide range of position sensors:


01:11 safety (Hersteller) technology and process sensors for different applications.

01:17"Of course the quality of the products we use is very important

01:21"we aim for optimum quality of the final product

01:28is an important part of our success.

01:32We chose ifm because we consider them a manufacturer

01:38"who adapts perfectly to our needs

01:44their service and other advantages that they offer us.

01:50The trust in the supplier is very important for the relationships.

01:56"For us

02:01is precisely the good relationship we have with the entire sales team.

02:04"I have a question

02:07"and within 48 hours

02:13Of course ifm is one of our most valued partners and I fully trust them.

02:20"As for our next and future projects

02:24ifm will be one of our main partners.

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