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Protolabs Insights: Überbrückung der Lücke zwischen Prototyping und Produktion

Die Markteinführung eines neuen Produktes ist in den meisten Unternehmen von entscheidender Bedeutung. Wenn Sie ein neues Produkt als Prototyp entwickeln, möchten Sie sicherstellen, dass es vor Ihrem Konkurrenten auf den Markt kommt. In diesem Video wird das Konzept der Werkzeuge zur Überbrückung (Bridge-Tooling) vorgestellt und wie es Sie beim Übergang vom Prototyping zur Produktion unterstützen kann.

Text im Video

00:07hello and welcome to whiteboard Fridays

00:10we're going to talk about how bridge

00:12tolling can get your new product to

00:14market weeks earlier than conventional

00:17tolling not only that but allows you to

00:19test your products in real life with

00:22real customers and quickly refine it at

00:24minimal cost just like software (Anbieter)

00:27developers you can quickly and

00:29cost-effectively tweak a product in

00:31response to thousands of customers


00:34never mind focus groups and voice of

00:37customer how does this perform in real

00:39life I hope you agree that that's a

00:42powerful weapon you can add to your

00:45armory but let's step back and explore

00:47how you can make this a reality let's go

00:50right back to the beginning product

00:53development offered starts with a light

00:55bulb moment you can hastily sketch out

00:57your idea on whatever you have handy

00:59before you forget and you can't wait to

01:02get in front of your card to design it

01:04properly and talk it through with your

01:06colleagues after what seems like an age

01:09you are ready to prototype it and get

01:12focus groups together to get your voice

01:14of the customer feedback you are burning

01:17to get this product into market before

01:19the competition because you can feel

01:21each delay because you know that this

01:24could be the next big thing

01:26in your market what happens after this

01:29successful prototyping (Anbieter) and perhaps even

01:32one or two design tweaks well you have

01:35to wait weeks or even months from the

01:38steel mop or the steel moles to come

01:40back before you can start injection

01:42molding and production in the meantime

01:45one of your design ten and nineteen

01:47let's call him Jim has just left your

01:50company and joined a major competitor

01:52now the pressure is really on how do you

01:55cut back on this lead time to make sure

01:57that you are the first to market I

01:59suppose you could have development and

02:02manufacturing running in parallel and

02:04start the production molds early but

02:07what happens if customer feedback


02:10in changes to the design you might have

02:12to start the tool design again costing

02:15you even more money and delaying the

02:17process anyway it is a tough choice

02:20because today's market rewards speed

02:23the answer is staring you in the face

02:26you already know that rapid injection

02:28molding for prototyping will reduce cost

02:32and delay in the design of plastic parts

02:34if molds are milled from aluminium and

02:37not steel then the process is quicker

02:39and cheaper why not extend this process

02:43and bridge the gap between development

02:45and manufacturing true rapid injection

02:49molding is not identical to traditional

02:52production tooling but it is close

02:54enough to solve a number of your

02:56problems it will reduce your time to

02:58market until your steel molds arrive

03:00weeks or months later let's run through

03:03the benefits first as I have said it

03:07reduces the time to market from weeks or

03:09months to days second it confirms that

03:13the part can actually be molded and

03:16third while it is true that production

03:18tooling can incorporate capabilities

03:20that rapid injection molding just can't

03:23such as internal cooling lines or

03:25sophisticated venting you might actually

03:28find this a benefit let me explain by

03:31adapting a part to the demands of rapid

03:34injection molding through equalizing

03:36wall thickness and maintaining draft you

03:39can simply speed up the manufacture of

03:42production molds in other words rapid

03:45injection molding doesn't just prototype

03:47your parts but it also prototypes the

03:50production method that will produce

03:52those parts you can highlight potential

03:56issues in advance and eliminate them Wow

03:59why wouldn't you do this it gives you an

04:03edge over your competition and another

04:05thing you can test with that new product

04:08with thousands of customers in the

04:10market before you invest in expensive

04:13steel production tooling we are talking

04:16about more than ten thousand parts of

04:19production in the market in just days

04:22doesn't need tweaking not a problem your

04:25supplier should be able to redesign your

04:27aluminium tooling quickly not only are

04:29you in the market in just days rather

04:31than weeks or months but you are also

04:34100% ready to commit to production

04:37tooling you can be sure that your

04:40product is spot-on

04:42the customer expects new products

04:44quickly if you are too slow then you

04:47will be left behind if your next product

04:49development think.what bridge tooling

04:51could do for your lead times well that's

04:54it for this week I hope you found this

04:56video helpful and we look forward to

04:58seeing you next Friday

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