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IOLink von ifm steigert Effizienz der Beschneiungsanlagen von Technoalpin

Technoalpin ist ein Hersteller für Beschneiungsanlagen aus Südtirol.
Zusammen mit zahlreichen Sensoren in Schneekanonen wie auch in den Pumpstationen trägt ifm dazu bei den Fortschritt auf die Skipiste zu bringen. Mit IO-Link Technologie hat der Kunde jederzeit die Möglichkeit Daten einzusehen um so die Effizienz der Anlage weiter zu steigern.
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00:06Technoalpin was founded in 1990.

00:10I am responsible for the development in plant construction.

00:14Snowmaking is a small part of all the processes

00:19that belong to a ski area and the snow cannons do not run 24/7.

00:25They only run for a very short period of time.

00:28"But during this period

00:30This requires 1000% reliability.

00:35We have had very good experiences with ifm in the past.

00:39"Positioning is very important when it comes to snowmaking

00:42you have to know the exact position of the machine.

00:46"When the machine is running and the jet is ejected

00:50"we can countersteer in light winds

00:53Because we can ensure that the snow ends up on the slope and not in the forest.

01:03We use many sensors for the pumping stations.

01:06"Pressure transmitters and flow sensors are very important

01:11"as are new products

01:14IO-Link in particular opens up completely new possibilities.

01:23Industry 4.0 is a very important topic for us.

01:25We see huge potential in this area.

01:28Data is the gold of this millennium and we think

01:32that more detailed analyses can help to make the system

01:36more reliable and efficient.

01:40We are very satisfied with our cooperation with ifm Italy.

01:44"Particularly in research and development

01:46it is very important to remain up to date

01:48and ifm Italy is very supportive in this respect.

01:51"If we have a problem and ask them for a solution

01:54they often offer us new products.

01:55This helps us to offer added value to our customers.

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