3d-sensoren robotik

3DSensor unterstützt vollautomatisches Melksystem

Längst vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen der Bauer auf einem Schemel sitzend seine Kühe melkt. Vollautomatische Systeme übernehmen die Milchentnahme an den Zitzen der Kühe. Eine ausgeklügelte Robotik sorgt für ein sanftes Melkvergnügen. Denn bekanntlich geben glückliche Kühe die beste Milch.

Finden Sie hier mehr Informationen: https://www.ifm.com/de/de/shared/technologien/3d-sensor-o3d/technologie/3d-sensor-o3d---technologie

Text im Video

00:05Delaval providing modern farming equipment for customers

00:11and helping them to succeed around the world.

00:15We are at Hamra farm.

00:17Hamra farm is the heart of Delaval.

00:22We have everything - from this old barn

00:25to top modern VMS barns here.

00:29We have our robot milking system the VMS.

00:37We use the camera from ifm

00:39to find the tits on the cow and guide the robot to it.

00:44The new camera is much faster

00:48so we can milk more cows in less time and get more milk.

00:53Efficiency is more money in the end.

00:57"The biggest advantage with the camera is the technology used

01:00but also that the camera meets the requirements in the barn

01:02wich is very harsh environment.

01:07"For the future when it comes to smaller

01:13we hope that ifm will be a good partner for us.

01:16We are very happy with the way things are working at the moment.

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