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EmiControls produziert Staub- und Löschkanonen für den Einsatz auf #Baustellen und zur #Brandbekämpfung. Durch die besondere Technik, Wassernebel zu nutzen, ist hierbei eine effiziente Art entstanden, in diesen Umgebungen sowohl Feuer als auch Staub zu bekämpfen. Das erfordert jedoch besonders zuverlässige #Sensorik und #Automatisierungstechnik. Aber: Auf ifm ist wie immer Verlass!

Text im Video

00:06"EmiControls has evolved from the Technoalpin Group

00:10and we have started to use their snow gun systems for other applications.

00:16Everything is based on water mist.

00:20Water mist has great advantages over conventional systems

00:25because the water will spread more evenly.

00:27This increases the surface efficiency.

00:32We had to face many changes

00:35because we had been using a fire extinguisher to control the dust -

00:39a regular fire extinguisher from the fire brigade.


00:48We then found a company

00:51that has provided us with state-of-the-art dust control.

00:56There where so many changes that have led (Hersteller) to improvements

00:59that even our neighbours have praised us because the dust was gone.

01:07The solution used at Emicontrols basically consisted of having

01:12a highly powerful system for robust outdoor applications

01:19in order to have a means of control on the display (Hersteller) and in the PLC.


01:28"that is

01:31an internal intelligence controlling the entire solution.


01:40"They are very robust



01:54There are no problems with things not working properly

01:56because they are not compatible

01:58or because electronic components do not communicate with each other.

02:01Problems like these definitely do not exist.

02:05The relationship with customers is excellent.

02:08"At the beginning

02:11"And if you agree on a successful solution

02:15there are no problems with the customer;

02:18they support us in this respect and we support them.

02:23There will be various new features

02:25that will only be possible with the help of the new ifm products.

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