3D-Kollisionswarnsystem für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen


Das 3D-Kollisionswarnsystem basiert auf der etablierten 3D-Sensorik von ifm. Es erkennt Hindernisse präzise und visualisiert diese per 2D-Bild auf einem Monitor. So kann der Fahrer jederzeit den Auslöser des Alarms sowie den zu überwachenden Bereich erkennen.

Mehr Infos unter: https://www.ifm.com/de/de/shared/applikationsberichte/risse-wilke

Text im Video

00:00"Everywhere where agility

00:05high attention is required - especially when heavy loads are involved.

00:10"This is also the case at the Risse and Wilke steelworks in Iserlohn

00:13where metals are rolled to a thickness of 0.2 to 6 mm.

00:17Special coil stackers are used for the supply and removal of the metal coils.

00:23The forklift truck moves throughout the whole plant

00:27delivering and collecting material.

00:29An individual load can be between 6 and a max. 18 tons.

00:34We are talking about approx. 3000 tons in 24 hours.

00:37"Even with driver aids on the forklift

00:43and must always have 360° vision.

00:45"He has to monitor his load

00:50"At the same time he has to be aware of what is happening around him

00:53e.g. colleagues and contractors walking around the plant.

00:56He cannot assume that the colleague who is walking around plant has seen him.

01:00But he must be sure to see him and thus to stop in time.

01:05Otherwise it can easily come to critical situations which we want to avoid.

01:10"In addition to possible damage to property and personal injury

01:12work processes are also affected.

01:15"Any incident involving the forklift

01:19could lead to this area being completely closed off

01:22The 3D collision warning system from ifm helps to avoid such situations.

01:28The system permanently monitors the rear of the forklift truck

01:32and gives the driver visual and acoustic feedback.

01:36All obstacles are reliably detected.

01:39A key feature is that people wearing reflective clothing

01:42can be registered early by the 3D system and the driver can be warned.

01:47This leaves enough time to slow the truck down and stop in time.

01:52Commissioning the system is very easy.

01:55"In addition to the sensor (Hersteller)

01:59the Application Package contains all the necessary components

02:02for uncomplicated installation and cabling.

02:07"With just a few parameters

02:11and is ready for use in no time.

02:17Different zones can be defined so that the driver is only warned when it is really necessary.

02:25"This means that the O3M can be used to its full potential depending on the situation

02:29which helps to reliably prevent accidents.

02:33"At the same time

02:38"The system is of course very good at minimising risk

02:41i.e. I can use it on forklift trucks to prevent employees from entering the danger zone

02:47and to prevent a dangerous situation or risk situation

02:49from occurring in the first place.

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