A RACE WE CAN WIN: AMANN Group is one of the TOP 50 UN Sustainability & Climate Leaders!

AMANN Group - Intelligent threads. Our global efforts in sustainability are introduced by the UN in this short video.

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00:02we have

00:0392 million tons a year of textile waste

00:06which is only to a very small percentage

00:08recycle the rest is burned or used for


00:11and i think we can't go on like that if

00:13you see the global

00:15population will grow a lot over the next

00:17decades and the textile production will

00:19go up so something we have to change and

00:21i think the young generation

00:22is much more sensitive than they were

00:25before and that will influence even

00:27the elderly people so i think we will we

00:29will see a move

00:31in the next two or three years strongly

00:32to more sustainable garments and



00:46yemen group is producing sewing thread

00:49and embroidery thread

00:50for a wide range of different industrial

00:53branches and segments

00:54which is used in thousands of

00:56applications which are very different

00:58if you look at the production processes

01:00we need a lot of

01:02electrical energy for the pre the

01:05spinning operation for twisting and

01:07weaving and then finally

01:08it's the dyeing operation which consumes

01:12gallons and gallons of water to dye the


01:15and to get the color in the last five

01:17years we save the 29

01:19of the water which will be used before

01:21and that is mainly done by

01:23reusing wastewater

01:27we are using in our plants reverse

01:30osmosis we are investing

01:31into this so that we are reusing our


01:35and we are planning in the next few

01:37years that all our production units

01:39units are working with reverse of


01:43certification by environmental

01:45management we already got in 2008 so

01:48iso 14001 we are doing audits every year

01:52in all our production units we have

01:54one standard worldwide so if we have

01:56fourteen thousand in one here

01:57environmental management in augsburg we

01:59apply the same to every single

02:02production site we have in the world so

02:04there is only one standard in the amman


02:10we took the strategic decision to open

02:13the plant in romania

02:14mainly because our country is still a

02:16production hub for

02:18 automotive (Anbieter) and fashion customers our

02:22plant is the result of consistent

02:24investment done across the last 15 years

02:27benefiting from a state-of-the-art

02:28technology the implementation of

02:31sustainable practices

02:32has definitely changed the way we run

02:35this plant in meeting the upcoming

02:37concerns of our customers we initiated

02:39the certification

02:40of the global recycling (Anbieter) standard for our

02:43production of recycled threads

02:45by streamlining materials and processes

02:48and by installing new technologies

02:50we have more control and less human

02:52resources errors

02:54all these actions translate into a safer


02:57a cleaner environment a better product

03:00quality while enhancing the control of

03:02the process

03:06we are a global company and we are

03:08originally coming from from germany but

03:10you know the texas industry is moving


03:12and we have to supply our customers in

03:14their required lead time

03:16and that is only possible if we produce

03:19in the country where our customers are

03:20and that is for example bangladesh and

03:23we produce in bangladesh for bangladesh

03:25only on supply chain reasons

03:27theoretically it would be possible

03:29to import to bangladesh thousands of

03:32articles and that's

03:33bring it in from different production

03:34locations that's neither economical nor


03:37and for sure not possible in our


03:41amman bangladesh plant produces sowing

03:44and hemorrhoidal thread for the fashion


03:47we have very sophisticated plant


03:50and follow best practices to our

03:53production processes

03:54to ensure best quality product service

03:58and safety (Hersteller) of our people from the


04:01we paid high importance in building a

04:04professional team

04:06now aman bangladesh have most

04:09experienced and versatile team of


04:13in the industry amman consciously


04:17to enter into the u.n global compact

04:22bangladesh is also part of this our


04:26not only to be pioneered

04:29in producing high quality product and


04:33but also in activities in the spirit of



04:42yeah the 10 principles from the un

04:44global compact are for on one the base

04:46of our work outside we have to train the

04:48people outside as well

04:50on those principles and that is all

04:51integrated in our code of conduct as

04:53well when i look at

04:55what has changed is that we have a huge

04:56demand from our customers

04:58requesting for recycled threats they all

05:00are bringing

05:01new lines in because they have seen even

05:05based on friday for future trends and

05:06all this that the young

05:08generation gets more and more sensitive


05:11what we do with our resources and how we

05:13treat our environment

05:16i think we are out of the curb we have

05:18even now start and we are the first

05:19company doing that we will bring a

05:20swimming threat

05:21credit to gretel basis on the one side

05:24really disposable gradle

05:26to gradle theory that nothing left you

05:28can put the thread on the ground and it

05:30goes away

05:31or you have credit to credit purposes

05:33where you really in your in the way

05:34where you get produced it

05:36at the end you can reuse the thread 200

05:41even an insignificant part

05:45in the production chain like the sewing


05:48can make a difference as well it is a

05:50very important part of the whole

05:52and not the the big part makes a

05:54difference every small part makes a

05:56difference as well

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