Aseptic filling with Krones

Aseptic filling in a close up. 
In the world of aseptic filling, there are meanwhile many paths that lead to the finished product; but do they all deliver what they have promised? Are the processes for sterilising the packaging and filling operation really safe? Let’s kick off with a comparison.

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00:12good things need protecting not least

00:15when it comes to producing foods and

00:17beverages with all the implications for

00:20human health such a Dilek images yes

00:24you're right and times have changed of

00:26course but the goal remains the same a

00:29safe top quality product for the

00:32consumer but not all products are the

00:35same some need more loving care and

00:38protection than others and maximized

00:41microbiological safety during processing

00:43and bottling is vital not least with a

00:46view to consumers from their health

00:51let's take a brief look at how all these

00:54different products are aseptically

00:56filled first of all we draw a

00:58distinction between two categories high

01:01acid aseptic products with a pH value of

01:04less than 4.2 for this application

01:07Crohn's offers the ultra clean process

01:10featuring the Conti pure and then there

01:13are the more demanding low acid aseptic

01:16products with a pH value greater than

01:184.2 for these the solution Crone's

01:22offers is called the Conti form a sept

01:24block in the world of aseptic filling

01:27there are meanwhile many paths that lead

01:30to the finished product

01:31but today all deliver what they've

01:33promised all the processes for

01:36sterilizing the packaging and filling

01:38operation really safe let's kick off

01:40with a comparison for the low aseptic

01:43category we start with preformed

01:46sterilization in the Crone's coliform a

01:49set block sterilization is consummately

01:52complete both inside and out merely

01:56sterilizing the inside of the preform

01:59and its exterior as well just as a

02:02perfunctory afterthought is not enough

02:04here a sterilizing effect of log six

02:07inside the preform and log four outside

02:10the preform is the benchmark figures

02:12below this are simply not acceptable

02:16now we come to the blow molding function

02:18in the county form a set block the

02:20entire environment is sterile including

02:23the blow mold with all the lines for the

02:26blowing air

02:30what's relatively ineffective here is

02:33manual cleaning and sterilization of the

02:35molds together with the stretching rod

02:40in the county form a set block pre falls

02:43and containers are transported in an

02:45absolutely aseptic environment it's not

02:53enough here simply to say aseptic inside

02:56the preform from the outside there's

02:58nothing in the penetrate anyway now we

03:04come to the filler and the capper in the

03:07Kanto form a set block literally

03:09everything is aseptic there's nothing at

03:13all for any germs to feed on and that is

03:16enormous ly important all it needs is a

03:19fleeting contact with the surrounding


03:22and the greedy germs will have their

03:24nutrients this has to be prevented and

03:27precluded with the Crohn's County form a

03:31set block the production of low acid

03:33aseptic beverages is not a leap into the

03:36unknown on the contrary our watchword is

03:40this full coverage product safety from

03:44start to finish

03:55put your trust in a county form a set


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