Five friends, one brewery and Kosme

From zero to an output of , hectolitres - and then it was time for Kosme.
Within just two and a half years, the Parallel 49 Brewing Company (P49) in Vancouver has rocketed from zero to an output of 20,000 hectolitres. Now it was high time for an “authentic bottle filler”, which in the form of a Kosme labeller-rinser-filler monobloc went into operation during the summer of 2014.

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00:57the name parallel 49 brewing came about

01:00because it's the border between Canada

01:02and the US and we thought it was a name

01:04that would allow us to distribute beer

01:05both in Canada and the United States and

01:08it would be meeting full 22 both markets

01:11and from the start we wanted the brewery

01:13to be big we saw other breweries with

01:16size limitations the demand in Vancouver

01:18was very strong and we wanted to meet

01:20that demand so we wanted to be a big

01:23brewery right away

01:28yeah we have a pretty light-hearted

01:29approach when it comes to beer our

01:31branding is very cartoony and fun the

01:35names are crazy and we we work like that

01:39at the brewery all the time so we're

01:41constantly pranking each other and you

01:44know putting each other on labels on

01:46bottles and basically whatever

01:49entertains us we do it so if you get

01:51laughed at sometimes that's just kind of

01:53the way it is and you return the favor

01:54when you can

02:03well brewing beer is not too difficult

02:06it's the packaging there's always the

02:08real pain to get it done so we were very

02:12happy with our new filler we achieved

02:15very low dissolved oxygen in our bottle

02:17and what that did for us is maintained

02:19that hop quality of aroma and flavor

02:22that we have in their tanks and get them

02:24into the bottle and keep that aroma on

02:27the shelf for the consumer to have so

02:29we've met really good results it

02:31surpassed our expectations on the

02:34dissolved oxygen content yeah well I

02:39think we noticed with the filler is

02:41we're running 200 bottles a minute and

02:43every bottle as a consistent fill height

02:45we produce a nitrogen beer that the

02:49pressure in the bottle of varies with

02:50the fill height so we can't have any

02:52variations with the new line every fella

02:55is the same and then we get a consistent

02:57pressure which we need for a consistent

03:00product okay well right now crackers

03:04exploding in Vancouver and everywhere in

03:07North America everyone's making some

03:09very exciting new beers and i believe is

03:11here to stay the biggest thing is making

03:13sure everyone makes quality beer you

03:15don't want to send out any bad products

03:17and just may anyone from trying to the

03:18craft beer so i think i think we got a

03:21long while before craft year goes away

03:23cross is one sentence okay i'm gonna say

03:28a precision german engineering with the

03:31high quality products couldn't be


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