Horizontal storage tanks at Augustiner-Bräu I

Turnkey order for Krones AG
Augustiner-Bräu is increasing its storage capacities: right on time for the summer season of 2015, the brewery is upsizing to 46,000 hectolitres. This is made possible by building a new storage cellar, which accommodates a total of 17 horizontal tanks, installed in a steel framework.

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00:17it's early October 2014 a Crone stanica

00:22plant in freising he or gwendal is the

00:24firm's project manager for breweries

00:26here specialized in the design and

00:28dimensioning of tanks which breweries

00:31need to store their products and allow

00:33them to mature properly Georg Wendell's

00:37projects are always one offs but this

00:40time it's something authentically

00:41special the client agustina broy Wagner

00:45kg renowned as the most traditional

00:48brewery in Munich the project a turnkey

00:53order for 17 horizontal storage tanks

00:56which have to be installed in a steel

00:58frame construction this is quite unusual

01:01because normally the tanks in a brewery

01:03are vertical but not at Argus Tina this

01:07is a traditional style brewery that

01:09rigorously insists on authentically

01:12horizontal tanks there's also a

01:14beneficial side effect a lower pressure

01:17level which is gentler on the yeast and

01:20why the upsizing because agustina wants

01:23to increase the capacity available for

01:25"maturing its peers by another 46

01:29hectoliters as I with you know odd

01:31beating cookie read ly due to the local

01:35space constraints agostina divided up

01:38the construction work for the new

01:39storage cellar into three sections in

01:42the South building there are six tanks

01:44in the center building eight tanks and

01:46in the north building three tanks in the

01:50North and South buildings the

01:51configuration is three tanks one on top

01:54of the other and in the middle building

01:56two tanks one on top of the other all 17

02:00tanks are suspended on straps in a steel

02:02construction in all we're assembling

02:05more than 250 tons of steel components

02:08crohns is also coordinating delivery and

02:12direction of the steel which is being

02:14handled by a partner company the steel

02:17frame itself is entirely self-supporting

02:19the artifice urns were attached to the

02:22steel construction no

02:24separate facade is required in all

02:26stages of the construction work the

02:28steel frame constitutes the support

02:31structure for the subsequent roof with

02:35the constants in photos BTW rip off here

02:38we produce what are called pillow plates

02:41and these are something rather special

02:43they're incorporated in the storage

02:45tanks for agostina as well set on faults

02:49wood hasn't fits in since the beginning

02:52of 2014 kromestar neca plant in rising

02:55has possessed a new laser (Hersteller) welding system

02:58this enables us to manufacture cooling

03:00plates that assure the cooling rates

03:03stipulated by agustina in this process

03:06two plates are positioned on top of each

03:08other and welded together the cavity

03:12between these two plates is pressurized

03:14with water so that later on in the

03:16brewery the glycol coolant can be

03:19connected and the required amount of

03:21thermal energy removed augustina

03:24stipulated a cooling rate from plus 6

03:27degrees to minus 1 degree in 72 hours

03:30difference six crock of Minos ain't

03:33guardin sounds of digital besides

03:37producing the tanks Crohn's is also

03:39responsible for transporting ingress

03:42installing them bjorg Wendell discusses

03:45the relevant preparations and details

03:47with his colleague Gunther Bischoff he's

03:50responsible for manufacturing the tanks

03:52and will be coordinating all the work

03:54sequences on site the total of 17 tanks

03:58will be in crest in three separate

04:00consignments five tanks have already

04:02been successfully accommodated and will

04:05now be followed by the remaining 12 with

04:08delivery scheduled for two weekends in

04:10November it's the beginning of november

04:14the second consignment of horizontal

04:17storage tanks for augustina comes into

04:19sight the convoy is only a few

04:22kilometers away from its destination a

04:24brief stopover at a parking area to the

04:27west of mere neck this evening the

04:29journey resumes into the city centre at

04:33landsberger straße papa

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