Horizontal storage tanks at Augustiner-Bräu II

Turnkey order for Krones AG
Augustiner-Bräu is increasing its storage capacities: right on time for the summer season of 2015, the brewery is upsizing to 46,000 hectolitres. This is made possible by building a new storage cellar, which accommodates a total of 17 horizontal tanks, installed in a steel framework.

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00:00it's the beginning of november the

00:02second consignment of horizontal storage

00:05tanks for augustina comes into sight the

00:08convoy is only a few kilometers away

00:10from its destination a brief stopover at

00:13a parking area to the west of Munich

00:16this evening the journey resumes into

00:19the city centre of Landsberger straße

00:28towards eleven o'clock in the evening

00:30the special transport convoy appears one

00:36tank on each truck making a total of six

00:39the first three halt on Landsberger

00:41straße directly in front of the brewery

00:44speed is now imperative because the

00:47other three trucks also have to be

00:49parked and unloaded the biggest tanks

00:54are up to 28 metres in length the outer

00:57diameter including insulation is more

01:00than 4 meters there are two cranes

01:05operating on site the smaller one is

01:08positioned outside the premises on

01:10Landsberger straße it copes effortlessly

01:13with a load of 140 tons and transfers

01:17the tank to the second crane which can

01:20handle a very impressive 500 tons this

01:23second crane by the way is positioned

01:26inside the brewery premises and is 85

01:29metres high the tank swoops over the

01:33historic brick facade and finally

01:36achieves a gentle landing in the

01:38breweries in a courtyard a mere 20

01:41minutes have elapsed since unloading

01:43including the handling work performed by

01:46the two cranes in the courtyard each

01:49tank is cleaned before it's in crest

01:51into the new storage cellar

02:01now it's time to install the horizontal

02:04tanks and that's not going to be easy to

02:07give you a brief in parison vertical

02:09tanks are relatively easy to install

02:12resting on feet this is not the case

02:14with horizontal tanks which is why

02:17appropriate preparations have to be made

02:19there are steel straps hung between the

02:23masts and each individual tank has to be

02:26placed on these with total accuracy one

02:30tank after another from bottom to top

02:32well nine military precision and

02:35accelerated heartbeats fortunately

02:44everything goes smoothly this time as

02:47well after each of the tanks has been

02:49inserted by the way the steel

02:51construction is modified and made ready

02:54to accept the next tank being inked rest

03:03it takes a good eight hours to impress

03:06the six storage tanks and torn is fast

03:08approaching now you can get a better

03:11view from above and see how Augustine is

03:14venerable brewery who's breakfast odd

03:17enjoys listed building status is

03:19embedded in the center of Munich and is

03:22a quintessential exemplar of the city's

03:25culture this is why quite a bit of

03:28sensitivity was needed for the storage

03:30cellar expansion so as to match it to

03:33the style of the existing structures and

03:35for these reasons once it's finished the

03:38steel construction will be concealed

03:40inside a new brick building when

03:47everything goes according to plan then

03:49augustina will be starting operation

03:51with its new storage cellar early in

03:542015 in good time for the beginning of

03:57the season because once again it'll be

04:00summer in the city

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