Krones in Beervana

Krones at the Craft Beer Convention in Portland, Oregon

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00:43the Crone's booth here at the inn

00:46portland for the craft brewing show

00:47we're showing the the varial line which

00:51is a machine that has been well received

00:53with throughout the craft brewing

00:55industry this particular machine behind

00:57me is going to three floyds in indiana a

01:01lot of almost everybody I talked to is

01:04really jealous don't already have one

01:06like that but yeah that you know it's

01:08really cool there's three robots in it

01:10what's not to like the machine will

01:14erect a six-pack put the six-pack

01:16carrier into the shipping carton it will

01:21then put the bottles into the six packs

01:23that are already in the shipping carton

01:25and then seal the case and send it on to

01:27the pallet Iser we were we were

01:31discussing we're doing more variety

01:33packs and this would be a good option

01:35take up a small footprint at the brewery

01:38and uh and kick up production a little

01:41bit so yeah yeah variety packs are

01:43becoming a really big portion of what we

01:45do a high percentage of our new products

01:47are going in the variety pack setting

01:49even the way that we package them now is

01:51not a real sustainable way if those

01:52brands keep growing so it's nice to see

01:54that there are options available

02:20something is amiss I was away

02:36so I came with my head brewer to the

02:39conference is my first time I wanted to

02:42just experience it there's a lot of

02:44Brewers here there's a lot of conference

02:46or smaller conferences and things to

02:48learn and a lot of stuff to see stuff

02:50that I'm not familiar with because we're

02:51a really tiny tiny brewery so really

02:54just here for the experience so by far

02:57the biggest Expo that I've remember ever

03:00so it's just really cool to see all all

03:02the new equipment everything set up it's

03:04cool it's incredible how much has grown

03:07even in the past five years I mean the

03:09expo hall alone was tiny just five years

03:12old not tiny but much much smaller and

03:14then you come here and look over a sea

03:16of equipment did packaging in people

03:18it's it's pretty incredible see how it's

03:19grown really interested

03:44I just arrived from Santa Barbara and my

03:48mind is blown there's so much awesome

03:50technology here for brewers I'm looking

03:53for solutions for sustainable coffee

03:56delivery it's uncomplicated for the

03:58customers that's what actually brought

04:00me to this booth is I'm looking for ways

04:02to deliver kegs of coffee all over the

04:05world so I'm walking the floor this

04:08morning I came across the bev tech

04:10technology for the keg the PDT kegs and

04:14yeah my mind is blown it's exactly the

04:16solution i'm looking forward

04:27the significance for this conference for

04:30Crohn's is it continues to let us stay

04:32in front of our existing customer base

04:35within the craft brewing industry get to

04:37meet some of the new and upcoming craft

04:39warrior Brewers and in the US we've

04:42actually had some craft brewers in from

04:44the UK from Japan and some other parts

04:47of the world and we can see that this

04:49show in the craft brewing industry

04:51continues to grow not only in North

04:53America but around the world


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