5 complete Krones lines at Emperador

Emperador - the world’s top producer of brandy
With annual sales volume for Emperador Brandy of 33 million cases, equivalent to about 400 million bottles, Emperador Distillers Inc. (EDI) controls around 97% of the brandy market in the Philippines and approximately half of the Philippine liquor industry (that’s dominated by local brands). Emperador Brandy is the globe’s best-selling brandy and is the 2nd-biggest spirits brand in the world. Emperador Brandy has five complete Krones lines, each rated at 18,000 bottles an hour, which are operated in two plants.

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00:05we are invalid or brandy distillers we

00:08are the world's largest selling brandy

00:11at the same time the Philippines largest

00:14selling spirit way back 2002 we started

00:19using Kronus lines in our bottling

00:23facility and today we started with two

00:26lines today we fi the reason that we

00:29chose Kronus is that we value its

00:32consistency we value its quality you

00:37know and last year we produce 400

00:42million bottles using the five lines

00:45that we have okay and that means we're

00:48producing 1 million bottles every single

00:51day okay therefore reliability for us is

00:54of foremost importance

01:07recently a few years back we also use

01:13the multi blender of forests which

01:17further improves our standard of quality

01:21okay so we are very happy with Cronus

01:23you know they are exceeding reliable

01:26they have been our partner way back

01:28since 2008

01:44what I like most about working with

01:47Cronus is that the machinery is

01:50fantastic it's a top of the line it

01:53works very well very consistent and also

01:56the after after sale service is very

01:58good you know we can just make one quick

02:00call and they'll be you know they'll be

02:02helping us with what we need they're

02:06very accommodating to us when we need

02:08new parts when we need to enter new

02:11projects and everything so we're very

02:13happy to consider opponent is one of our

02:15partners very you know and we're very

02:18happy that they provide a great service

02:20to us

03:01Cornish has been our partner in our

03:04growth and in our future they will

03:07continue to be a vital part of our

03:09growth process they will appeal to be a


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