Eisele Steckanschlüsse montieren - So geht's!

Louis Klöpfer erläutert in diesem Video wie Sie die Eisele-Steckanschlüsse richtig einbauen und was Sie bei der Montage des Schlauches an der Lösehülse beachten müssen. Mit diesen Tipps hält Ihre Steckverbindung garantiert dicht.

Text im Video

00:02would you like to know why our

00:04connecting components are so robust and

00:07nearly indestructible clearly it is

00:09because they are all metal and are 100%

00:11made in Germany my name is luis cleffa

00:14and I work at ice Allah customers always

00:17ask us what factors are important for

00:18the assembly of plug type connections

00:20allow me to briefly cover the most

00:22important elements we'll start with the

00:24o-ring it can only provide an optimal

00:27seal if the mating surfaces clean smooth

00:29and free from burrs it should be

00:31inspected before screwing the parts

00:33together with cast parts in particular

00:36the rough surface may have to be

00:38refinished the specified torque is also

00:41important when screwing in with plug

00:47type connectors a hose is clamped


00:50therefore isola hoses are calibrated

00:52from the outside only in this manner can

00:54the necessary tight seal be guaranteed

00:59prior to assembly cut the hose at a

01:01right angle with the original isola hos

01:04cutter underneath a hose end which is

01:07free from scoring and damage guarantees

01:09secure assembly death row for behind the

01:12flow and slide the hose end prepared in

01:14this manner straight into the connecting

01:16component until it reaches the first

01:18stop and then continue until it reaches

01:20the perceptible limit stop of the plug

01:22type connector now everything is sealed

01:25reliably my name on Tasha is easy be bad

01:28like a garden hose you must ensure that

01:30the hose bending radius is not too short

01:32or even kinked during the assembly

01:37stop dust dirt and other environmental

01:42influences can also lead to leaks

01:44therefore always follow my advice and

01:47keep your hoses well protected until you

01:49are ready to use them

01:50if you observe these points you will be

01:52assured a tight seal

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