"Brewed for us" - Founders on firm foundations

“Brewed for us”: with this rededication to its own corporate values, Founders Brewing has soared into the Top of the USA’s craft breweries – and (of course) with its beers as well, whose popularity seems boundless. Now, at its facility in the city centre of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Founders has tripled its capacity to , barrels (around one million hectolitres) – and thus, as it were, built a second brewery into the existing one.

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00:06my heart

00:09it's been like a drum

00:13but like I'm I've only just begun

00:20Bob it's been an exciting journey here

00:23at founders and we're very fortunate

00:24that people have liked our beer over the

00:26years that has necessitated a

00:28significant amount of growth and with

00:30that growth comes a lot of brand-new

00:32equipment which we love to put in here

00:34at bounders so in 2011 we were one of

00:37the first to install combi to you right

00:39after we got our 32-valve ekpe bottle

00:42filler from you krone supplied us with a

00:45comma key which is which is a prototype

00:47at the time so we were one of the first

00:49to adopt this this process and we've

00:51really enjoyed it makes great beer so

00:54much so that we needed to add an

00:55extension which we did a couple years

00:56later but again our growth is outpaced

00:59even at facility so we've had to make

01:01some improvements and adjustments and an

01:02optimization on the system so then and

01:05of course as of recently we purchased a

01:07brand new brew house from


01:16so we had to make a decision to build

01:18another brewery and we decided to do

01:20that right here at the same site so here

01:23in our downtown area we now have to buy

01:24a full block and we have two breweries

01:26joined at the hip and once twice the

01:29size of the other so we have our

01:30"original 300

01:32have a 69 thousand bilberry full of

01:34Crohn's filling and brewing technology

01:40brewed for us that's the motto of

01:43founders it means the craft brewers only

01:46brew the beer that they themselves like

01:48the most the founders brewery was

01:50virtually rebuilt in 2015 with a new

01:53Crohn's glass bottling line at the start

01:56of the line is a new present universal

01:59bulk girl sweep off de pelletizer to

02:02ensure that nothing happens to the

02:03bottles this des peres Tizer goes about

02:06its work particularly carefully

02:15enclosed in plexiglass the subsequent

02:18mass flow conveyor brings the bottles to

02:20the rinser filler block

02:33they're the containers one first to the

02:36barrier jet rinser and then to the modal

02:39fill hrs villa

02:45a check Matt then checks whether the

02:47bottles have the right fill level

02:59next a star matic labels the bottles the

03:04machine has to cold glue labeling

03:06stations for shoulder neck and back

03:08labels again a check Matt checks that

03:11the labels have been applied properly

03:20the bottles then pass through the very

03:23aligned packing line the very aligned

03:25technology is still very new for

03:27founders the clever design of the

03:29Machine means that the modules have a

03:31footprint of just six to seven meters

03:33that's reduced the space required by

03:36ninety percent compared with a

03:38conventional line the varia line handles

03:41the work of up to six machines the

03:44individual machine programs are

03:45perfectly coordinated with each other

03:47ensuring smooth operation

04:09all the end of line packaging takes

04:11place in the barrier line from erecting

04:13the cartons through packing the bottles

04:15to ceiling encoding the cartons

04:28the line ends with a modal pal palletize

04:31ER and a rapper that wraps the palette


04:39with its brewed for us motto founders

04:42has definitely brewed its way into the

04:44hearts of beer lovers

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