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Using Gantner with NI LabVIEW

Gantner Instruments hardware can easily interface with NI LabVIEW software. With just a few simple steps, you are ready to combine the power of Q.series with new or existing LabVIEW architectures. In this video, you will learn how to install the Gantner LabVIEW driver and how to use it for your next NI LabVIEW application.

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00:07this training video covers how to use

00:10Gantner hardware with ni LabVIEW we will

00:12discuss how to download install and use

00:15the NI LabVIEW instruments driver

00:16provided by Gantner instruments to

00:20download the driver visit the gander

00:22instruments homepage at WWDC is calm on

00:26the home page click on the magnifying

00:29glass and type LabVIEW in the search

00:30field the top two search results are

00:34drivers for different versions of NI

00:35LabVIEW the first driver is for LabVIEW

00:38versions 2011 to 2015 and the second is

00:42for LabVIEW versions 2016 or higher

00:44download the driver for the version of

00:47LabVIEW you have unpack the zip file you

00:54downloaded and find the Gantner

00:56instruments folder inside you must copy

00:58this folder to the proper location

01:00within your ni LabVIEW program directory

01:02for 64-bit versions of LabVIEW you will

01:06need to navigate to C Program Files

01:08National Instruments and open the folder

01:11review LabVIEW version for 32-bit

01:14versions of LabVIEW you will need to

01:16navigate to C program files x86 National

01:20Instruments and open the folder of your

01:22LabVIEW version in this video we are

01:25using LabVIEW 2019 32-bit so we will

01:28open this folder next open the

01:31instruments library folder and copy the

01:33Gantner instruments folder we downloaded

01:35to this directory doing so installs the

01:38driver and with that you are ready to

01:40use scanner (Anbieter) instruments hardware with ni


01:47the hardware used in this video includes

01:50a cue station X test controller (Hersteller) and cue

01:52blocks XL a 101 measurement module for

01:55sample data a tweezer with a strain

01:57gauge is connected to the first input

01:59channel of the a 101 module the tweezer

02:01signal is initially tested in GI bench

02:03using a simple dashboard to ensure the

02:05sensor is working correctly with

02:07hardware setup complete our goal now is

02:09to visualize the sensor data within a

02:11LabVIEW environment let's get started

02:18open and I LabVIEW and create a new V I

02:20right-click within the block diagram and

02:23navigate through the following context

02:25menus instruments i/o instrument drivers

02:28Ganner instruments then Ethernet there

02:32you will see the tutorial star VI

02:34left-click the VI and drag it to the

02:36block diagram if you do not see a gander

02:39instruments folder in the instrument

02:41drivers context menu then you must

02:43restart ni LabVIEW in the block diagram

02:46double click on the tutorial start VI to

02:49open the front panel click on the Run

02:51button to start the VI then click on

02:53scan network devices select the desired

02:57controller within the available devices

02:58table the IP address of the controller

03:01will appear within the connected to IP

03:03or buffer ID field indicating that the

03:05VI is connected to the gander controller

03:08to get data from the selected device

03:10under online data and network devices

03:12click on example high-speed port online

03:15in the high-speed port online and

03:18communication VI

03:19change the read index from 2 to 1 to

03:21visualize the sensors signal now that we

03:24have successfully visualized data in

03:26LabVIEW we can explore editing the block

03:28diagram to our liking

03:34stop all running vis and open the

03:36tutorial start VI block diagram this

03:39block diagram offers useful starting

03:41points for most tasks involving gain or

03:43hardware with LabVIEW select HSP online

03:46from the drop down menu at the top of

03:47the block diagram now double-click on

03:49the HSP online function block to open

03:51the high-speed port online communication

03:53VI block I agree

03:54this source code can be used as a

03:57starting point for most LabVIEW

03:58applications in the Gantner instruments

04:06folder reinstalled is a helpful PDF that

04:08describes the various be eyes you can

04:10use on page 7 of the PDF you will find a

04:14helpful description of how again your

04:16hardware communicates with NI LabVIEW

04:17for additional information regarding the

04:20installation or use of the NI LabVIEW

04:22instruments driver contact your local

04:24Ganner instrument sales and service

04:26location for further assistance we are

04:28happy to help thank you for watching the

04:33using Gantner with LabVIEW training

04:34video the instructional content within

04:37this video is brought to you by Gantner

04:39instruments test and measurement

04:41technology designed for you

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