LEUCO p-System fräst Schrägprofile in MDF bei Ruhsi


Fa. Ruhsi (Rheinau/DE, Möbelzulieferteile, www.ruhsi.de) setzt an einem 5-Achs-Bearbeitungszentrum einen LEUCO p-System-Fräser zum Fräsen von Schrägprofilen in MDF ein. Dieser Fräser hat die bekannten, von LEUCO patentierten 70° Achswinkel, und zudem die Form eines Kegelstumpfes.

Vorteile dieses p-System Fräsers:
- kurz, damit die Absaughaube geschlossen werden kann
- leicht, max. Werkzeuggewicht wird eingehalten,

- stabil, für hervorragende Schnittqualität

- flexibel, einsetzbar für komplizierte, elliptische Fräsbahnen aber auch für einfach Abplattungen
- clever, intelligente Konstruktion kombiniert mit 70° Achswinkel bearbeitet sehr flache Fase an
großen Platten - der 5-Achs-Kopf kollidiert nicht mit der Störkontur des Bauteils.

Ruhsi ist damit in der Lage, das Werkstück auf der Maschine in einer Aufspannung fertig zu bearbeiten.

Text im Video

00:03Luzi is a manufacturer of tabletops and

00:06also offers individual solutions for

00:09tabletops machines and tools are

00:11designed to produce tabletops very

00:13efficiently but also flexibly


00:16around 1 million tabletop variants have

00:19been defined in the ERP system

00:21theoretically customers could call these

00:24up on a daily basis this multitude makes

00:27it very flexible and economical

00:29production necessary the tools on the

00:32through feed machine as well as on the

00:34CNC machines must also master the

00:37 material (Hersteller) mix there is a mix of different

00:39board types from chipboard to MDF from

00:42block board to plywood and also a

00:45variety of board thicknesses



01:10the like Opie system has been in use in

01:12production since 2010 the tool quickly

01:17established itself as indispensable

01:18since it is possible to format oak

01:21veneered parts without tearing them out

01:24even during transverse processing in

01:272011 we invested in a completely new

01:29formatting line this was equipped with

01:32powerful pieces the milling cutters

01:34right from the start a razor-sharp edge

01:39is achieved with the joining cutter this

01:43is a prerequisite for achieving a glue

01:45joint of high quality on a CNC router

02:03with five axis spindle and two different

02:06gluing parts two different pieces the

02:08milling cutters are used one piece

02:10system cutter achieves a super clean

02:13edge when formatting the workpiece the

02:16second piece system milling cutter is a

02:18joint development of Aussie like oh and

02:20the machine manufacturer it is used for

02:23milling inclined profiles profiles up to

02:2712 degrees are milled with a conical

02:29milling cutter any steeper profile is

02:32possible in any gradation these bevels

02:35are produced in MDF in only two

02:37operations without leaving a milling


02:42the surface is sanded and can then be

02:45lacquered with the PISA stand tool it is

02:48possible to mill beyond the workpiece

02:50without tearing tool manufacturers and

02:53operators of such a machine must of

02:56course have a good understanding of the

02:58challenges involved the team worked with

03:00hoozy proved that this was accomplished

03:03the tool is in use four months before it

03:06is resharpened with the milling cutter

03:09Woolsey achieves its goal complete

03:11machining on the CNC this means

03:14machining work pieces on the CNC machine

03:17as quickly and as completely as possible

03:20with full flexibility of the variants a

03:24partnership that pays off for both

03:26Woolsey and loco it challenges both

03:30partners and brings them forward


03:33companies that both perform best for

03:35their customers flexibly and at a high

03:38level of quality



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