The AMANN Bangladesh plant - state-of-the-art in all respects

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This video shows you AMANN's production plant in Mawna, Bangladesh. As with all AMANN production plants worldwide, AMANN sets highest value on modern equipment, sustainable processes and a safe work environment. See for yourself.

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00:34working in the HR department as HR

00:36manager forum on Bangladesh Health and

00:39Safety has always been the priority for

00:41Aman and we ensure this in all our

00:44levels and processes


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01:45hi I'm Amy Raphael Mojave I am working

01:48as a dye house manager in Amana working

01:51in a modern factory with highly

01:52technical equipment is a great

01:54experience for me the culture of

01:56learning from internal expertise by

01:59sharing ideas and knowledge --is across

02:02the business units of common is really a

02:04unique culture



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