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00:25hello I'm Richard Gahagan I am here at

00:29Crohn's Thailand I'm in the position

00:32here as project planning manager my

00:37focus here in Thailand is that of

00:41implementing any special projects that

00:44are managing director Markus winter has

00:46presented myself and in that regard I'm

00:49very excited because many of these

00:51special projects are certainly not ones

00:54that you pick out of a textbook out of a

00:57business school these are real live

00:58cases where you have to use a lot of

01:01intuition and local knowledge to be able

01:04to deliver on the results I have been in

01:10Thailand for a year I have knowledge and

01:14experience from outside the country I'm

01:17qualified in strategic marketing and


01:20we are graduated with a master's in

01:23business leadership Camilla Day as well

01:26as postgraduate qualifications out of

01:28the US and out of Britain what I truly

01:34enjoy as a crow is project planning

01:37manager here in Thailand is the fact

01:40that I'm dealing with different cultures

01:43whether it be handling the new

01:47subsidiary in Australia or trying to do

01:50some effective work in Vietnam they are

01:54very different cultures not just the

01:56languages but the cultures and more

01:58importantly the laws around

02:01those particular countries and

02:03everything is different there may be

02:06some basics there but indeed if you have

02:09a look at the way things are done many

02:11cases they're done quite differently the

02:13challenge I think for us is to apply the

02:15Crone's culture the Crone's thinking to

02:18those particular cultures and to ensure

02:20that we get at the end of the day a

02:22subsidiary that in fact follows the

02:26Crone's approach culture and policies in

02:34terms of my leisure time

02:36well isn't that a bit of a joke

02:37sometimes because do we ever have enough

02:40leisure time I'm a dad of five children

02:42and I spend most of my time bringing up

02:46my children and enjoying life as much as

02:49possible that even means doing their

02:51homework at night late at night at at

02:53time so in terms of my leisure time at

02:56the moment

02:56I'm endeavoring to qualify and pass

02:59grade five at school and that already

03:03looks as though it might be an

03:05impossible task for me being a South

03:10African I guess if I'm asked what is my

03:12favorite meal I would have to say it's a

03:15Bry which is a barbecue I guess in

03:18English terms or a Barbie and Australian

03:21terms but because I sit here in

03:23asia-pacific I really have to say that

03:25at the moment my best and most favorite

03:27meal is Tom Yum which is a real spicy

03:31aromatic soup which is quite stunning

03:35and certainly typifies the Asian type

03:39food of wonderful taste wonderful


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