REDCUBE Terminals


REDCUBE Terminals - Innovative HochleistungskontakteREDCUBE terminals sind die verlässlichsten Hochleistungskontakte unter den PBC's. Niedriger Widerstandskontakt garantiert so gut wie keine Selbsterhitzung. Vier verschiedene Designs umfassen komplett die Verarbeitungstechnologie und bieten ein großes Einsatzspektrum.

Text im Video

00:03red cube terminals are the best

00:06solutions for high current applications

00:08for different designs cover all heating

00:11processing technologies with the lowest

00:14failure in time value red goo press-fit

00:16is the most reliable technology on PCB

00:21pressing the pins into the PCB the high

00:24friction between pin and plated

00:26through-hole generates a homogeneous

00:29cold welding of both materials this

00:32results in a gas tight of strong

00:35mechanical connection with contact

00:37resistance less than 200 micro ohms no

00:43other connection technology transverse

00:46currents up to 500 ampere with almost no

00:49heat development the new quick and easy

00:53pluggable solutions red cube plug

00:55provides power up to 120 ampere and

00:59offers all press speed advantage

01:02a spring force blocks the plank

01:04automatically and fully reliable the

01:07hexagonal crimping connects the plug

01:10with the cable

01:14red cube SMD and thr combined fully

01:18automatically pick in place with the

01:20efficient and time-saving

01:22reflow soldering process the small size

01:25of bread cube SMD guarantees a high

01:28packing density without critical heat

01:31development on the PCB red cube SMD

01:34provides current after 70 ampere the

01:37brilliant idea of the new and old red

01:40cube SMD version allows a great

01:4390-degree board to board collection as

01:46well as

01:47connection red cube thr as a special pin

01:51design for best solderability and

01:54currents up to 85 ampere milling from

01:58solid materials red cube thr guarantees

02:01high ampacity with greater torque

02:04compared to stabbed contacts

02:08red you clever unique brilliant


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