Highlights of trade show activities of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group at "electronica 2016" (EN)

Die Messehighlights der Würth Elektronik eiSos auf der electronica 2016!

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00:07the electronica 2016 in Munich

00:11"approximately 3

00:14countries displayed their products

00:15services and benefits at the world's

00:17largest electronics trade fair more than


00:24countries had the possibility to marvel

00:26at the novelties and to exchange

00:28expertise a tough glass industry meeting

00:31the worth electronic ISOs group

00:33presented itself on four hundred square

00:35meters and showed innovative components

00:38solutions and services impressively the

00:41subsidiaries worth electronic eBay a

00:43group and worth electronics mid comm

00:45were also represented at the highly

00:47frequented booth and twelve designs in

00:49solutions Islands the visitors could

00:51converse with product and sales experts

00:53regarding application possibilities of

00:56several components in various product

00:58areas they could also see the components

01:00in the context of the application Werth

01:05electronic ISOs group presented the

01:06reference designs and the simulation

01:08 software (Anbieter) read expert which supports

01:10developers by quickly finding the right


01:18other islands were dedicated to the

01:20 automotive (Anbieter) products from Wirth

01:21electronic eBay a and custom

01:23capabilities from Wirth electronics mid

01:25comm as well as electro-mechanics LED

01:28solutions Internet of Things and

01:30wireless communication moreover exciting

01:34information on the future was shown from

01:36electric mobility and wireless power to

01:39energy harvesting and power management

01:40all the way through to EMC solutions the

01:45subsidary stove vo contact and amber

01:48Wireless presented themselves with own


01:50informative specialist lectures of the

01:53Werth electronic experts at the booth of

01:55the partners Conrad electronic and

01:57Mouser provided interesting facts about

01:59the products and the latest developments

02:02under the motto we speed up the future

02:05and a formula e racing car as an


02:08the company's faire presence was

02:09completely dedicated to a mobility worth

02:12electronic ISOs group supports the

02:15formula e racing team up chef Larry OD

02:17sport as a technology partner since the

02:19very beginning the Formula e race

02:21simulator was particularly entertaining

02:23in total 266 participants gave

02:26everything in the W e race contest to

02:28achieve the fastest times this was a

02:31contest that was spread successfully

02:33beyond our booth and extended digitally

02:35the driver said the possibility to

02:37improve their fastest time with the

02:39support of their fans and followers on

02:41their own social media channels and

02:43because visiting the electronica was

02:46such a nice time every participant of

02:48the race simulator received their own

02:50personal photo as a souvenir

02:51also this year the major attraction of

02:54the company's tradeshow activities was

02:56the booth party the moderator Lee Nassif

02:58began the party with an exciting formula

03:00e film (agentur) clip and an event talk about the

03:03topic immobility on the podium the

03:06general manager of the Werth electronic

03:08ISOs group and apt sports line as well

03:10as both formula e drivers lucas de

03:12Grassi and daniel apt spoke about

03:14different topics before the evening

03:16ended with relaxing talks and networking

03:18in the social media channels the Werth

03:22electronic ISOs group accompanied all

03:24fair activities

03:26with an extensive communication concept

03:29consisting of motion-picture and live

03:31communication about the current trade

03:33fair day the German company was one of

03:35the top opinion leaders on social media

03:37true to the added value proposition more

03:40than you expect the ISOs group is

03:42looking forward to a successful

03:43continuation in 2018 when it will be

03:46Showtime again in Munich


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