REDFIT IDC – SKEDD-Stecker von Würth Elektronik eiSos


REDFIT IDC ist ein lötfreier und mehrfach steckbarer Steckverbinder mit SKEDD-Technologie. Die SKEDD-Kontakte werden direkt in die Leiterplatte gesteckt.

Text im Video

00:06soldering and press fit was yesterday

00:11the future is scarce direct plug-in



00:27bread fit IDC is a solderless reversible

00:31direct plug in connector with skin

00:33technology and an insulation

00:35displacement connection the sketch

00:41contact has flexible fork type arms to

00:44adjust itself to the geometry at the

00:46mating partner

00:49conventional solutions need a mating



00:56read fit IDC connects directly to the

00:59PCB resulting in a low profile

01:05the half pitch PCB layout uses a

01:08space-saving design


01:12bread fit IDC sketch connector can be

01:15planned multiple times by hand into the

01:18PCV plastic pegs act as a passive

01:23locking system that allows easy mating

01:25without using any additional tools

01:29reverse polarity protection ensures

01:32correct mating prevents errors in

01:34assembly and increases the process

01:36 safety (Hersteller)


01:41during the plug-in process no plastic

01:44deformation occurs between the contacts

01:46and the plated through holes the skates

01:51contact remains in an elastic state and

01:54allows reversible connection skates

01:57contacts by a four-sided connection with

02:00the PCB the four-way contact principle

02:04provides a reliable electrical


02:08the read fit IDC directly results in

02:11saving space-time material (Hersteller)

02:16and process costs


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