ifm Industrie 4.0 Lösungen für zustandsorientierte Wartung im FCA Werk in Verrone


Das Werk in Verrone stellt manuelle und automatische Getriebe für alle Mittelklassewagen des FCA Konzerns her. Die Umsetzung von zustandsorientierter Wartung (CBM), die durch die Unterstützung von ifm gemäß den Prinzipien von World Class Manufacturing ermöglicht wurde, erlaubt es uns, unvorhergesehene Ausfälle bzw. Qualitätsverluste über die gesamte Nutzungsdauer der Bauteile zu vermeiden. Bei gleicher Verlässlichkeit der Maschine ermöglicht dieser Ansatz es, Kosten zu reduzieren.

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00:02The Verrone plant produces manual and automatic transmissions (gears)

00:05for all medium-sized cars from the FCA Group.

00:09"The Verrone plant

00:13"of the FCA Group and Case New Holland

00:16one of the highest awards at an international level.

00:20The plant has also won other important awards.

00:23"For example

00:27and the Lean & Green Management Award by the German press.

00:30ifm is our partner for Condition Based Maintenance.

00:34"While in the past we used to intervene on a time basis (TBM)

00:37stopping the machine and having the vibrational analysis

00:40"done by our maintainers

00:43"to avoid stopping the machines

00:47and therefore reducing failures and costs.

00:53These are process parameters that allow us

00:55to maintain the quality of our product.


01:02"In addition to the vibrational control on all axes involved in the machine

01:07"ifm equipment also monitors flow

01:11"and pressure of the cooling lubricant

01:15very important factor to ensure the quality of the production process.

01:19All this data properly calibrated thanks to

01:22"ifm technicians' support and constantly monitored by us

01:26that the maintenance technicians are able to react in advance

01:31before any abnormalities result in non-compliant products.

01:36We use Smartobserver to monitor

01:42the behaviour of the machines on which it is installed.

01:45"The machine ""really talks to us"""

01:48"and through alarm signals when preset thresholds are exceeded

01:54we receive notifications and can react with maintenance interventions.

02:01"We have extended the ""ifm concept"""

02:06to other lines that we consider to be strategic.

02:09"We have implemented the same ""ifm architecture"" for Autonomous Maintenance."

02:17We will implement the same ifm system also for monitoring (Anbieter)

02:21and remote management of technical systems

02:24such as centralised filtration systems.

02:27"They are the result of a real partnership between the plant engineering and ifm

02:35"who supported us during all different steps of the project

02:39up to the installation and commissioning of the systems themselves.

02:44I am convinced that Industry 4.0 and the evolution of the World Class Manufacturing

02:48"are strongly integrated and interconnected

02:54we intend to develop these issues more actively in cooperation

02:59with ifm in order to master the new challenges our company is facing.

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