B2B Online-Sichtbarkeit mit induux


Ihr fragt Euch was induux eigentlich genau macht? CEO Veikko Wünsche erklärt es Euch!
Unsere #B2B #Plattform induux schafft mehr Online-Präsenz für Unternehmen und ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen in #Suchmaschinen und #SocialMedia.induux ist dem Förderaufruf “Optimieren Sie Ihre Investment Readiness” des Projekts INVITE gefolgt. Aufgrund des hohen Innovations-Charakters der B2B-Plattform hat induux gewonnen.

Der Preis für den Sieger war die Unterstützung bei der Produktion eines professionellen Unternehmens-Videos. Hier seht Ihr das Ergebnis.

Text im Video


00:03i'm feiko vince founder of the indexbdb

00:05platform today we often take for granted

00:08what has only happened in the last two

00:10decades just as internet technology has

00:12changed how we work

00:13so too the big data and artificial


00:17and the impact of digital platforms will

00:19continue to scale dramatically and with


00:21the success of enterprises will depend

00:23on how visible they are

00:25to their customers and to their job

00:27seekers in lux focuses on helping small

00:29and medium-sized enterprises to get

00:31discovered online with an average of one

00:33and a half employees in the marketing


00:35it's nearly impossible for these

00:37companies to survive in today's digital


00:40they lack resources time knowledge and


00:43to tackle the complexity of the many

00:45online channels

00:46today products and services are searched


00:49and discovered online 95 of investments


00:53take place online but i'd prefer

00:57to let one of our customers share their


01:01blitz is a medium-sized enterprise we

01:04have around 550 employees

01:06and lots of sales companies worldwide

01:09our portfolio consists

01:10industrial cable wiring system interface

01:13technology up to ethernet (Hersteller) we have

01:15thousands of products and a lot of

01:17target groups having a website

01:19is not enough anymore using the induced

01:21platform and technology saves us time

01:23money and allows us to focus on sales we

01:26have an

01:26induced channel from the beginning and

01:28we want to intensify our cooperation

01:30within dukes

01:31our starting point begins with the

01:33company's marketing and sales content

01:36we take their content apart attach it to

01:38keywords and semantics

01:40and connect it to the search of the

01:41consumer and boom

01:43enterprises get recognized and



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