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ifm zuverlässiger Partner für Ingenieurbüros auf dem Weg zur Industrie40

Das Ingenieurbüro IPF ist Spezialist zur Erstellung von Anlagen im Bereich der Polyurethan und Schaumstoff-Industrie. ifm unterstützt IPF erfolgreich mit Ihrer intelligenten Sensorik noch mehr aus den ausgeklügelten Anlagen heraus zu holen und Daten für optimierte Prozesse zu sammeln.

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00:04The company is called ipf and we are specialised in manufacturing

00:08equipment made of polyurethane and foam.


00:15"The most important ones are the automotive (Anbieter) industry

00:18"the mattress industry

00:24Our systems are very much standardised

00:28"and in the past we installed sensors and devices from other manufacturers

00:33but actually when ifm turned up here

00:36and offered us other solutions

00:41"then we chose ifm

00:45improve our facilities and improve the software (Anbieter) we developed.

00:53"And after the decison was made

00:57and it is already every-day standard in each project

01:01and we continue to work with them.

01:05The sensors that we use basically are diffuse reflection sensors

01:11"and then we also use some ultrasonic sensors as limit switches

01:18we also use an inclination sensor.

01:20"In fact

01:22and in the future we can certainly use more sensor (Hersteller) types.

01:27"We try to build innovative products that help my customers be better

01:32be more productive and make more money

01:35and that's based on innovation and Industry 4.0.

01:38ifm is and remains part of this innovation

01:44and we are really happy with the service that ifm offers us.

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