Leistungsstarke 32-Bit-Controller von ifm steuern zuverlässig AGV´s


Moderne Fahrzeuge und mobile Arbeitsmaschinen benötigen eine leistungsstarke #Steuerungselektronik, um die hohe Anzahl von Ein- und Ausgangssignalen zu verarbeiten. Dafür wurde der neue ecomatController der 3. Generation entwickelt. Nicht nur leistungsstark, sondern auch durch seine Kompaktheit ist er ideal im Einsatz von AGV´s, was er bei der Firma ASTI auch unter Beweis stellt.Erfahren Sie mehr unter: https://www.ifm.com/de/de/productnews/080

Text im Video

00:06"My name is Victor Baz. I am the operations manager at Asti Mobile Robotics Group

00:10"a company specialised in in-house logistics for many years

00:15to automate in-house logistics processes of our customers by means of autonomous

00:21"vehicles without driver which is called AGV

00:28For our autonomous vehicles we started a search on the market

00:31"and carried out a market ""scan"" to find out"

00:34what controllers and devices should be installed in the vehicles.

00:38"After many concept verifications and tests

00:45The ifm controller (Hersteller) we build into our machines

00:49"is responsible for the control of the entire machine

00:54"We decided for ifm most of all because of the quality

00:58"Because in mobile applications we have to withstand vibrations

01:02"withstand temperatures

01:06and withstand situations in very aggressive environments.

01:11One of the most important aspects was the technical service.

01:15"On the first contact

01:20but we had to carry out a migration process

01:23from other controllers or PLCs to this new controller.

01:26"For this process

01:29and this has continued over the years.

01:32Therefore the process has been very enriching for both parties.

01:37Both with respect to the data and Industry 4.0

01:41we can say that all our machines are networked

01:44and we know what happens to each of them.

01:47Each machine writes what happens during its entire service life.

01:50There we also believe that thanks to the new ifm controller

01:54and the development it has to undergo we can do a great job together.

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