Automatisierungstechnik an Kommunalfahrzeugen


Sensoren und Steuerungskomponenten, die an Arbeitsfahrzeugen eingesetzt werden, müssen höchsten Anforderungen gerecht werden: Extreme Temperaturen, Feuchtigkeit, Staub, Schmutz und Vibrationen zehren an den Bauteilen. Mit der Baureihe „ecomatmobile“ bietet ifm Automatisierungskomponenten für diese rauen Umgebungsbedingungen an. Die Firma Bucher stattet ihre Kanalreinigungsfahrzeuge damit aus.

Text im Video

00:07"Bucher Municipal produce refuse vehicles

00:11sweepers and sewer cleaning units for the global market.

00:16At Bucher we have a constant focus on innovation and development.

00:19Therefore we have focus on automated and intelligent solutions.

00:26A Bucher sewer cleaning unit is equipped with a jet pump and a vacuum pump.

00:31The jet pump is used to flush sewers and tanks.

00:38With the vacuum pump we can suck up sludge

00:40and industrial waste into our container.

00:43All this is controlled in our intelligent controlling system.

00:48Our units operate under widely different conditions

00:51"such as cold

00:54which puts a particularly high demand on our technical solutions.

01:00Together with ifm we have created a good and safe solution

01:04where many of the functions are automated which creates high quality

01:10and safety (Hersteller) for the user operating the units.

01:17ifm supplies many different solutions and sensors for our products.

01:23From controllers and large displays (Hersteller) to pressure transmitters.

01:29"With CAN modules located in different places on the vehicle

01:33we reduce the amount of cables in total.

01:36"In addition

01:44With our remote connection we have the opportunity to troubleshoot the vehicle

01:49and in many cases solve problems while the vehicle is out on a task.

01:54If we are not able to solve the problem via remote connection we are notified

01:57so that we can solve the problem as soon as possible

02:00when the vehicle arrives at one of our many service centers.

02:05"With our intelligent control system on the sewer cleaning units

02:08we ensure high utilisation and maximum focus on the task

02:13so that the vehicle is as value-adding as possible for our end users.

02:20At Bucher we work a lot with solutions of the future

02:23and also work closely with ifm around IoT and other intelligent solutions.

02:30We have a close and very good cooperation with ifm Denmark where ifm

02:33are often present with us and support us with the development of the product.

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