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In den letzten 30 Jahren hat Brad Sugars mehrere Unternehmen gegründet und gilt daher als echter Entrepreneur und Business-Coaching Pionier. Der gebürtige Australier (Jahrgang 1971) hat das ActionCOACH-Franchise-Konzept für Business-Coaching im Mittelstand entwickelt. Der führende Business-Coach ist ein gefragter Speaker und Bestsellerautor mehrere Bücher.

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00:18very simply put management for some

00:20reason has been killed off by leadership

00:22people seem to think that you're either

00:24a manager or a leader and for some even

00:27worse reason there is this connotation

00:29that is if you're a manager it's bad you

00:31should be a leader not a manager no you

00:34have to be both management skills

00:37management is day to day week to week

00:39month to month leadership is month to

00:41month quarter-to-quarter year to year

00:42type stuff leadership doesn't happen

00:44every day what happens every day

00:46management's the loser you know because

00:48here's the great thing about business

00:49every day you're building your business

00:51to be bigger than it ever was to do

00:53things you've never done before will

00:56that bring down yes or no yes if you got

01:01to work every day with zero levels of

01:03doubt you're probably going with zero

01:04levels of growth and I put it in a

01:07simple word the word is I get y'all to

01:10call it out everybody relationships how

01:13well do you manage relationships how

01:15good are you with relationships your

01:18ability to build relationships with

01:20suppliers with bankers with customers

01:22with employees to build good

01:24relationships is a very corner it's like

01:28a cornerstone of being a successful

01:29business person the ability to do

01:31business with someone for 10 20 years is

01:34a very big part of business if you no

01:36good at building relationships business

01:38will be tough because you won't have the

01:41repeat business you won't have the

01:43long-term supplies supporting you

01:45through bad time you won't have you've

01:47got to have that relationship ability

01:49now let's say here's you okay

01:52you look in the mirror and there's your

01:54problem and you decide what I'm going to

01:56do is I'm going to run away from my

01:58problem what's the problem with planet

02:00Earth it's round by the time you get

02:05back to your problem it's not smaller

02:07it's what

02:09how are you gonna handle marketing when

02:12you've got a hundred locations not just

02:14one how the ads going to be placed how's

02:18the social media going to work in a

02:19hundred locations is each location going

02:22to have their own social media manager

02:24are you going to manage it from one

02:25separate location how sale is going to

02:27work when you have a hundred locations

02:28is each location going to handle their

02:30own sales so all of a sudden I'm asking

02:34these questions only to Sydney on I

02:36don't know that's the point it's the

02:40thinking about this in advance that gets

02:43you to that level of thing certainly

02:45sitting on Brad I just want the first

02:47location to work I'll be happy with just

02:50the first location yeah but there's no

02:52use building the first location without

02:54thinking this way because this is where

02:56you're going with the artists way there

03:07is up there building on employing one






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