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The ability to exchange materials quickly is paramount for an efficient production flow.
Operating as an exchange tower, the Böckelt Tower boosts the productivity of processing machines as it allows for a swift swap of material and material storage close to the machine.

The centrepiece of the exchange tower is its variable drawer system. The continuous perforated grid of this solid system makes it possible to load it with a large variety of different drawer types. Additional storage capacity is provided by the system’s top-loading option.

Operating the pivoting doors is quick and easy thanks to the convenient roller lifting device. Mounted on adjustable stops, the device guarantees maximum stability when loaded. The intricate design provides for perfect safety even if handled incorrectly.

The pull-outs are moved into position by pivoting the doors, while the rollers are reliably prevented from slipping out.

The premium sliding surfaces make it a cinch to operate the drawers manually, even if they are subjected to a load of up to 3 tonnes.

When the drawers are pulled forward, the material becomes exposed and accessible for extraction by vacuum suction cup or crane.

The exchange tower bolsters on-the-job safety when handling sheet metal plates.

Inserting the system cassettes directly into the interchangeable frames with the help of a forklift requires no effort at all. The slants centre the cassettes on the sides when set down.

You can use a forklift to load and unload the drawers on both sides.

If rear loading is required, the interchangeable frames can be converted accordingly in a few easy steps.

The option to load the tower from both sides provides for greater flexibility in tight spaces notwithstanding the layout of the production facility.

It is possible to insert the system cassettes directly into the interchangeable frames.

When combined with additional load carriers, the frames can also accommodate wooden pallets or factory packages for storage.

The compact frames offer the option of directly inserting individual sheet metal plates or entire stacks of metal sheets.

The drawer systems can be combined into a customized solution that is tailored to the specific requirements at hand.

To expand the exchange tower, you can upgrade it with a Böckelt Tower cassette storage system and utilise the entire height of the room.
Whether used as a stand-alone solution or as a meaningful addition to a larger Böckelt Tower cassette storage system, the exchange tower offers you the additional storage space you need. It allows you to store material close to the machine and exchange it quickly with the help of the drawers.

You can choose either side of the cassette storage system as the operator side. You can access the cassettes with your forklift either from the front or the rear depending on which type of access allows for a more efficient workflow.

Another option is to equip the cassette storage system with state-of-the-art RFID technology which reports the position of the cassette automatically to the administrative software.

As the entire exchange tower system is fully compatible with the Böckelt Tower software application, the software will deliver constantly updated overviews of your stock.

The cassette storage design guarantees superior stability. This level of stability makes it possible to attach a slewing crane including vacuum suction cup to this extension.

Sporting a length of up to 6m, the slewing crane offers a swivel range of 270°. Installation is possible on all 4 corners of the tower.

The exchange tower marries the benefits of efficient storage with ultra-fast material handling. It cuts down tooling and non-productive times, increasing the productivity of the precessing machines tremendously.

All of these features add up to constant, seamless access to different materials.

The combination of various Böckelt Tower components makes it possible to realise the most complex applications.

Exchange towers can be integrated into a rack row if you, for instance, wish to segregate the forklift traffic completely from the production area.

Experience for yourself how our combined slide and cassette storage system will streamline your processes.
The exchange tower.

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