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Today, every company is under enormous pressure when it comes to pricing their products competitively, which forces them to act in the most efficient and economical way. This necessity also affects the in-house flow of material which, according to recent studies, accounts for no less than 60% of the processing times.

We have made it our objective to optimise both the storage and the flow of materials. In addition to concentrating on the highest possible degree of space utilisation, we focus on achieving fast access times, optimised warehouse management and high reliability of operation.

As the warehouse management software with transponder system supports multiple users, the BÖCKELT TOWER allows all employees and departments of the company to share the latest overview of the current stock. Better still, this overview does not only provide information about the material inventories, but also indicates where the material is currently positioned in the BÖCKELT TOWER.

The cassettes are equipped with state-of-the-art RFID technology and are detected automatically as soon they are stowed at the storage location in the BÖCKELT TOWER.

It is possible to assign any number of items, e.g. metal sheets, metal sheet packages, printed circuit boards, remnants, long goods, coils, tools and other types of material to the same cassette.
The sturdy construction of the system guarantees, for instance, a load-bearing capacity of 5,000 kg per cassette when the system is used to store metal sheets. The depalletiser makes it a cinch to store metal sheet packages in the cassettes.

When using the BÖCKELT TOWER exchange tower for storing metal sheets, you will find that the integrated slewing crane and vacuum lifter represent the best possible solution for handling metal sheets at processing machines. Removing individual sheet metal plates from one of the drawers is a breeze thanks to the integrated vacuum suction lifter.

Our system allows companies to link warehouse systems that are spatially separated, creating the option of incorporating dynamic stock-keeping. All it takes to determine the position of items stored in the system is a quick glance at the software overview or the LED display at the storage location in the indicated BÖCKELT TOWER.

You will not find another system that can offer you these advantages!

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