Boeckelt Tower bar storage #storagesystem


Compact storage system suitable for profiles, pipes and rods with a length of up to 6m.

The standard option available for this system includes 5 baskets with 2 trays each.

Offering a payload of 4 tons and 2 tons per basket and tray, respectively, the system is capable of handling most applications and allows you to store remnants thanks to the large number of closely spaced bottom struts.

The solid hot-dip galvanised design of the columns guarantees a long service life.

Each tray can be pulled out from either side, thereby allowing for direct access from the top. This feature makes it possible to store and remove material effortlessly with a crane.

Thanks to the flanged wheels with double bearing the user can easily move the drawers by hand.

The material can be managed using the Böckelt management software.

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Letzte Änderung: 22.11.2023