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About MRstudios

Bei MRstudios schaffen wir Industrial Virtual und Augmented Reality-Erlebnisse, die Fertigungstechnologien und -projekte greifbarer, planbarer, kontrollierbarer und verkaufsfördernder machen.... (MRstudios)

MRstudios Demo Reel | Mobile: HVAC SOLUTIONS by Systemair

Systemair is a leading ventilation company listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. Its portfolio covers several thousand different high quality products. To showcase their portfolio in the most efficient manner, the Swedish company has asked MRstudios to develop a Virtual Reality application that is able to be deployed on mobile devices. Anyone c... (MRstudios)

MRstudios Demo Reel | HVAC PRODUCTS by Systemair WebAR application

WebAR allows users to place Systemair's products in a real-world environment through Augmented Reality. The HVAC PRODUCTS by Systemair application applies WebAR, enabling users to open the application straight in their mobile phone's web browser. Such applications make AR accessible to everyone, and can be used for various purposes, including vir... (MRstudios)

MRstudios Demo Reel | Güntner Party Mode

An easter egg surprise for a VR application.... (MRstudios)

MRstudios Demo Reel | ZA-vr/edu VR application for ZIEHL-ABEGG

The ZA-vr/edu Virtual Reality (VR) application for ZIEHL-ABEGG is developed for the Oculus Quest VR headset. The application aims to make a career in the industrial sector and at ZIEHL-ABEGG exciting to technical students between the ages of 16-25. The VR application takes the user on an interactive journey through ZIEHL-ABEGG's Solution Center,... (MRstudios)

MRstudios Demo Reel | Christmas Card WebAR

A little fun WebAR application created by MRstudios for our annual corporate Christmas cards. WebAR allows users to experience virtual elements overlayed onto the user's real-world environment using a regular smartphone, and without having to download an application. Try it for yourself. Visit https://celebrate.mrstudios.eu.... (MRstudios)

LoboCAD - Wolff Engineering

Produkte: 2D-CAD-System IRONCAD DRAFT 3D-CAD-Systeme IRONCAD, IRONCAD4D, INOVATE, INOVATE4D und Rhino Norm- und Standardteile mit IronCAD Mechanical, CADENAS und TraceParts Elektronikentwicklung mit dem Add-on IronCircuit Innenausbau und Möbeldesign mit dem Add-on IronCAD Furniture profession...

MRstudios Germany

Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona Krise finden viele Messen nicht mehr so wie gewohnt oder gar nicht mehr statt. Während die aktuelle globale Situation eine klare Herausforderung darstellt, müssen die Geschäfte weitergeführt werden und der Bedarf an digitalen Technologien erweist sich höher als je ...

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