Der O3D von ifm: Das präzise Auge für flexible Pick-&-Place-Aufgaben


Die junge Firma Unchained Robotics setzt unseren 3D-Sensor O3D ein, um Sortier- und Pick-&-Place-Aufgaben per #Roboter automatisiert durchzuführen. Überzeugt hat das Team von Unchained Robotics unter anderem die hohe Präzison, die die gesamte #Applikation dank des O3D erreicht. Und auch der schnelle und kompetente technische Support von ifm beeindruckte das Start-up-Team.


Text im Video

00:04Unchained Robotics develops an imaging software (Anbieter)

00:07that allows full automation (Hersteller) of flexible processes.

00:10With this software we can automatically handle

00:13pick-and-place or sorting tasks with a robot.

00:17We use different sensors.

00:19"3D sensors from ifm to detect

00:24of the objects and transmit this information to the robot.

00:29At the company Mediaprint we automated a process in final shipping.

00:35This means we at Unchained Robotics implemented our software AVA

00:39which helps to sort completely chaotic parcels on the conveyor belt.

00:45Each individually produced calendar or print product

00:50comes onto the conveyor belt.

00:51We determine the dimensions of each product with the ifm camera

00:54and place it on the correct pallet.

00:57The accuracy of this 3D camera allows very precise positioning.

01:02"If we use postboxes instead of a pallet

01:05we have to operate in a very restricted space.

01:07The 3D camera gives us the best possibility to measure the box

01:10"and correctly sort out which product

01:13We used our own software to integrate the camera.

01:16We can easily and quickly clarify with ifm

01:19everything regarding the interface communication.

01:21To do so we could put short questions in an online forum

01:24"and got an answer relatively quickly

01:27which ensured a smooth integration flow without big problems for us.

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