Wie ifm die Firma NEREUS bei der Schmutzwasseraufbereitung unterstützt


Die Firma NEREUS entwickelt und produziert kompakte Filter-#Pumpen Systeme mit denen verschmutztes Wasser wieder klar gefiltert werden kann.
ifm unterstützt als zuverlässiger Partner mit zahlreichen Sensoren wie z.B. #Drucksensoren, #Temperatursensoren, #Füllstandsensoren, aber auch mit den neuen #Leitfähigkeitssensoren.

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00:09Néréus is a company that designs

00:12and builds filtration machines for liquid effluents.

00:15There are about 50 sensors on the machine.

00:18"Until now


00:25and we don’t have to process analogue data anymore.

00:30Most of the sensors which can be found on the machine

00:33"are level

00:3990% to 95% of the sensors used on this installation are from ifm.

00:44"These sensors are connected to IO-Link masters

00:50This high level of responsiveness allows us to control all our pumps

00:57and to permanently monitor the quality of the rejected water.

01:01These machines operate completely autonomously.

01:03We monitor them remotely via the internet.

01:07"Actually we save a lot of time during the set-up of the machine

01:11the drawing of cables and the parameter setting of the sensors

01:13and the raw data we receive is very reliable.

01:17The main customers of NEREUS are communities who are interested

01:22"in recycling (Anbieter) their water

01:26where anaerobic digestion plants are a big market

01:28to reduce the application volumes of their products.

01:33CLER VERTS is a multi-purpose plant.

01:36We recycle treated and untreated wood and we valorise biowaste.

01:42"In this tank

01:47This biogas will be injected into our cogeneration unit where

01:51we create electricity and heat.

01:54To summarise the operating principle:

01:56"here at our customer we pump down liquid digestate

02:00"the result of the digestion of bacteria that creates gas

02:04The digestate passes through ceramic discs

02:06and different process steps in the pipes you can see behind me.

02:09"At the end

02:14Our relationship with ifm is very good.

02:17"In case of problems

02:20and there is always someone available who is able to answer our questions.

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