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Gasworld Artikel "In focus...Cylinder filling equipment"

Gasworld Artikel "In focus...Cylinder filling equipment"

Die Zeitschrift GASWORLD ist eine der wichtigesten Informationsquellen für alle Entscheider in der Gasbranche. Für die März-Ausgabe der Zeitschrift bat die GASWORLD-Redaktion Filltech´s Michael Peine um eine Expertenmeinung bezüglich der verschiedenen Trends und Entwicklungen im Bereich der Gasabfüllung.



Summer saw In Focus… analyse the trends in the cylinder filling sector and found automation to be the driving force in this business of late.So, nine months on, and looking at the equipment used to fill cylinders, we look at what has changed in this sector – and what the future may hold.


A more holistic response was provided by Michael Peine when he stated the trends his company, Filltech GmbH, was experiencing - suggesting a general all-inclusive improvement to operations when filling a cylinder. He said, “After some successful projects last year we see still an increasing demand for general process improvements; more and more for the operations around the filling, and especially for the handling and movement of the cylinder.”

“Most of the customers are looking for an improvement of the production flow, away from batch and queue towards a one-piece flow. We at Filltech like this specific challenge to find bespoke solutions, for example, for integrated valving units, automatic cylinder adaption, leak detection and other quality protection measures around the filling process.”

 “Automatic filling of small cylinders and cartridges with high volumes is another issue we are witnessing. The demand comes across the A to Z range of industrial gases - with requests from A for argon to X for xenon. Filltech will soon come up with new solutions for this kind of filling system. Manual handling will be reduced, massflow controllers will improve gravimetric processes, and cost-effective modules with high productivity are the goal.”

Peine added, “Driven by another big topic in the future, we are currently optimising our software packages and developing new modules. Parallel to the growing trend for automation exists an increasing demand for all kind of data acquisition from the filling process.”

“This ‘big data’ can be used, for example, for supervision, preventive maintenance, and track and trace systems with barcode or RFID units. It can also be used to support the system operator with his operational duties, documentation of operator training, regular inspections, quality checks and much more - imagination is the only limit.”



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