NAF stellt neue Bogieachse für Mähdrescher auf der Agritechnica vor

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German company NAF AG will use Agritechnica to introduce a new front bogie axle drive system for agricultural machines which is a more cost-efficient drive solution, compared to expensive track systems as front and rear drivelines.

NAF stellt neue Bogieachse für Mähdrescher auf der Agritechnica vor

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The company, based in Neunkirchen, supplies high performance drivelines for construction, forestry, agricultural, materials handling and mining machines.

The oscillating bogie halves - one on each side of the vehicle - derive from NAF’sexperience in forestry and construction applications. They are equipped with the NAF integrated Permanent Bogie Balancing System (PBBS) that ensures an equal distribution of weight and tractive effort on all four tires, the company said.

The PBBS also derives from forestry bogie axles. It works with a special gear set inside the bogie that reduces the lifting effect of the bogie front wheels thus providing good off-road capabilities, stability and tractive effort.

It is a pure mechanical system which acts independently and autonomously from the driver: it automatically acts when the bogie front ends are lifted during acceleration or while climbing slopes. This all results in lower ground pressure with lower soil compaction compared to track systems, NAF said.

Using NAF‘s modular system, the bogie axle system can be adapted to every application. The agricultural bogies share the same components with axles for forestry and construction machines, providing customised products, optimised for agricultural application but based on cost-efficient, highly standardised modules such as planetary hubs, differentials and hydrostatic drives. The system includes high capacity and self-cooling oil immersed disc brakes integrated in the planetary drives, while a tire pressure control system is available on demand.

To complete the vehicle’s driveline in agricultural harvesting machines, NAF also offers centrally driven rear steering axles with adjustable track width to adapt to different tire sizes. On the rear adjustable driven axle, the width can be adjusted in two, three or four steps, for example for 200 or 400 mm, depending on the application and tire usage. This axle family covers combine harvesters size 6 to 10, which means a rear axle load from 9 to 14 tons.

Caption Different NAF Bogie Axles for ag machinery from 12 to 24t axle load and above.

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