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Das Interface-Design von Health-CAT

Marlena Lütje ist Mitarbeiterin bei der Kieler Software-Firma macio GmbH und erklärt in diesem Film, wie sie Konzeption und Gestaltung des Interfaces von HealthCAT angegangen ist.Mehr Infos zum Projekt gibt es hier: https://www.macio.de/aktuelles/?i=macio-ist-projektpartner-bei-health-cat

Health-CAT wird gefördert durch Interreg Deutschland-Danmark mit Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung. Erfahren Sie mehr über Interreg Deutschland-Danmark unter www.interreg5a.eu

Text im Video

00:03I'm Marlena and I work as a

00:05user experience designer at macio.

00:08Macio is a company that develops

00:10and designs software.

00:11"We have 4 locations

00:13of which the main location is Kiel.

00:16HealthCAT is a project with interregional

00:19"partners from Germany and Denmark

00:21"that come from the fields of robotics

00:24nursing and software development

00:25like macio.

00:26The role of macio is to design

00:28the interface between

00:30the users and the software.

00:32Specifically we are working on supporting

00:35caregivers with the help of robots.

00:38At the beginning of the project

00:40"it was determined where the problems are

00:42where the shoe pinches.

00:45"And in doing so

00:47have to travel a lot of distances.

00:50In order to provide a patient with

00:53"a plaster

00:56plasters from the stockroom

00:58and then go back again.

01:02"To create the concept

01:05to put yourself in the users' shoes.

01:08Then we developed very specific solutions

01:10"on how to design the user interface

01:13but also that of the robot.

01:15What is important so that everyone

01:17understands that he has an important job

01:19and does not want to be disturbed.

01:21We also built small robot models

01:23in prototyping (Anbieter) to see how the robot can

01:26"best express itself

01:29flashing lights or beeps.

01:32"In between

01:33to nurses and received feedback

01:36"whether we were on the right track. 41 00:01:38

01:41drafts that we checked by speaking to

01:44project partners and nurses.

01:47So we were able to find out whether

01:51what we had in mind worked in reality.


01:59to a future in which many people are

02:01in need of care

02:03and there are too few people

02:05who can carry out this care.

02:07"In addition

02:08are not too good today.

02:10We now want to bring technology into play

02:12that helps caregivers do

02:14such mundane jobs

02:16as getting materials

02:19so they have more time

02:22to care for people.

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