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Scheugenpflug USA teams up with the Georgia Institute of Technology

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Georgia Institute of Technology’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) in Atlanta conducts research with nano quantities of material on a Scheugenpflug LeanCNCell.

Scheugenpflug USA teams up with the Georgia Institute of Technology

Scheugenpflug’s U.S. branch in Kennesaw has formed a relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) that began a year ago via a meeting during an electronics packaging conference. Georgia Tech was in need of equipment to replace a manual dispensing process that was neither fast nor accurate enough for the research their projects required. In order to assist the research at the Institution, and functionally lab test our newest line of jet dispensers, Scheugenpflug has loaned the Georgia Institute of Technology a LeanCNCell equipped with a Jet Dispenser that is able to handle and dispense materials in nano quantities. At Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN), headed by Professor Oliver Brand, research is conducted in the increasingly important realm of nanotechnology, requiring the utilization of such highly specialized equipment. When dispensing nano quantities of material, exact repeatability and maximum reliability are of paramount importance. Additionally, the preparation of the material to be dispensed must meet precisely defined parameters each and every time. The Scheugenpflug provided jet dispenser can release many shots of material a second, requiring the components to be mixed and metered to perfection continuously. The LeanCNCell has a process reliability in the ±0. mm range and an axis speed of mm/sec, which satisfied most of the prerequisites of the conditions necessary to design material and application tests. The LeanCNCell dispensing system is installed in the Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology’s shared-user facility that is used by more than researchers annually. The tool is housed in the 3D Systems Packaging Research Center assembly laboratory, led by Professor Rao Tummala. Besides applications in (micro) electronics packaging, the university is also looking at unique applications, such as the biomedical device arena or in dispensing novel nanomaterials. Multiple faculty are doing research in each of these areas. Other ideas include assessing thermal substances, using conductive inks in a process similar to screen printing and dispensing solder paste on custom PCB’s. These materials are used for biomedical, electronic and photovoltaic purposes. Scheugenfplug USA and Georgia Tech will monitor developments in the research results over the next few months. We expect processes to evolve that will lead to the enhancement of work flows and efficiency using the LeanCNCell. Both Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology and Scheugenpflug are looking forward to exciting results in new dispensing methods, materials used and uncommon applications.

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